Saturday, 23 November 2013

Christmas Revival #3

Pretty poinsettias and Christmas roses on this one, matt and layered on red, pale green and gold mirror card, and decorated with punched holly and pine leaves, a gold bow and red gem.

Christmas Revival #2

These were all recycled from one card. The cards in the top photo are very tiny, though, ie - half of A6, whatever size that is.. A7? I mounted the pictures on mirror card, deckled three of them, and added a clear crystal gem in the centre of the star. I also used a 2001 Serendipity stamp for the text on the star card. The text 'Prince of Peace' below is computer-generated.

Christmas Revival!

I have been upcycling and reviving some 'pre-loved' Christmas cards! That is to say, salvaging elements from old cards that have been rescued from the recycling bin, or donated by relatives, and jazzed up in various ways.

The festive border on this one was painstakingly snipped and mounted on black card, which was also snipped to leave a smart border around the frame, on a 6" x 6" square card blank. The lovely greeting in the middle is a stamp from Inkylicious: 'Christmas Wishes' #3170.

Red gems from stash decorate the 'I's in the greeting and the bows in the corners of the frame.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Christian Mother's Day card

Mother's Day card for a Christian friend. And the same card with matching box, below..

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Third time lucky...

Third post in four days.. Must be a record! ;-)

Have been making some more of my 'upcycled' Christmas cards. Will post some fresh pics when I've taken them, but in the meantime.. here's something else you won't have seen before. This was a special birthday commission for someone who loves violas..

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Two posts in two days!! Can you believe it? ;-)

Catching up with cards made but not blogged in the past couple of years. Here are a couple of Mother's Day cards. (The one above has a matching box.)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Is there anybody there?

Hello, you lovely lot.. That's if there is anyone out there in blogland!

My last post on here was over two years ago. Unbelievable! It is my intention to pay a bit more attention and I hereby make a new resolution to post at LEAST once a week! That feels scary to type out loud! ;-)

Old friends may notice some changes to the blog.. name, etc. Wanting to attempt to tie-up all my craft-related 'bits' on the net. I will be working on things over the coming weeks, like checking that all the links in my sidebar are still current, so please bear with me.

Quick personal update:

Once again, the hazards of working on a contract basis is that they can end without the next contract being secured, and I am again 'between contracts'. After several months looking for jobs and not getting interviews, I asked the Jobcentre about selling cards, and they said as long as I don't exceed 16 hours work a week, and declare my sales, it will be OK. We'll see. I'm going to just put a toe in the water and see if anything sells, but the jobsearch will remain my biggest focus.

Yorkshireman and I did not manage to recover things, so single again, but HAPPY that way! ;-)

Lost my lovely mum last year in February, and my precious Tigger in November.

Moved to Nottinghamshire end of March this year.

That's it in a nutshell.

Hope you are all OK and doing well. I look forward to catching up with you, bit by bit. I'm glad to be back. :-)

I hope to have some fresh cards to share with you soon. Meanwhile, here's one you won't have seen before on here...

Saturday, 18 June 2011


.. Sorry, not a card!! ;o)
Now this really IS treasure.. I am heartbroken to be selling THIS baby, but needs must..
I call it my Cruella De Ville coat.. It's beautiful faux fur and it has a print of 101 Dalmatians on it! 1986 vintage, beautifully made in France under license to Walt Disney. In mint condition.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Trouble int'Paradise..

Eee, pet.. t'path of true love never runs smooth, does it, girlz? (sigh) Having a few issues with my Yorkshireman, but I'm hoping we'll be sorted yet.

Any road up, you'll never guess what? I have a couple of cards to show you! Wahey!! Both CAS.

This one is from just over a month ago to mark the anniversary of Eric and I getting together...

And this one was for Eric's eldest daughter's birthday, Amanda. One of her main obsessions is Northallerton Football Club, so this was easy.

That's it for now. I will try to get back here more often. Hopefully, it won't be another four months!! Yeh.. I know..

Love to all

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bucket alert.. Bucket alert...

Not crafty, I'm afraid, but I couldn't resist a little gloat... This arrived for me yesterday! (happy sigh)

Yes, still very loved up and ecstatically happy.

Hope you're all well and thriving. Miss you loads.


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day, Eric..

My Father's Day card for Eric. Seems a bit odd, I know.. sending a boyfriend a card for Father's Day, but we have spoken much in recent weeks about how we were meant to be together all those years ago, and he could have been the father of my children, and he would have been a great dad. He IS a great dad.

 THANK YOU again for all your lovely comments on my previous post! :o)

This is one of those embossing errors.. I embossed the little hearts before die-cutting the bigger hearts, which kind of squished the little ones, but I quite like the effect, so left it as was..

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I'm in luuuuurrrrvvvvee....

Get your hankies out, ladies.. Have a real Mills and Boon moment for you...

When I was 16, I met a very handsome soldier. He was a Lance-Corporal in the Royal Signals, 21, very tall, dark and utterly gorgeous, and we fell in love. He was my first grown up love. We talked about potentially getting married, and decided we would review things when I was 18 and had completed my 'A' levels. We were both completely smitten. However, my dad was not. He was a Wing-Commander in the RAF at the time.. a senior officer, equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel in the army. He did not approve of his daughter being associated with someone in the "other ranks", as they call them, and he used his authority and channels through M.O.D. to force us apart. My soldier stood up for us, but lost the battle. He was given no choice except to end our relationship. I was heartbroken.

Long story short(ish!), we found each other again on Facebook a few weeks ago, and we are both single again. Guess what? He had been equally heartbroken by our break-up, and I had always been on his mind, too, throughout the 36 years we've been apart.

After much communication over the past few weeks, we are now back together and totally smitten all over again! :o)

Now you know why I haven't been back in a while!! *lol*

ALSO.. I have just finished my old job today, and start the new one on 7th June! :o)

Life is soooooo good! Hope you're all doing as well, and enjoying life. :o)

Friday, 7 May 2010

Ribbon addict..

Isn't that brill??!! *lol* Just one on an email I received recently full of hilarious cat pics. (If you'd like a copy, email me at

Please note copyright details.. (I've not looked yet, but I'd guess you can probably find the pics at that site.)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Brace yourselves!! New Post Alert!!

FOUR of 'em! Yep, mojo is stirring.. Just a little, but there are definite signs of life! *lol*

There's a big 'Thank You' in the post below, too.

Hope you like, and hope you're all having a fab Bank Holiday!!

Chris xx

Butterfly card..

For a friend whose surname is Butt!! Not surprisingly, BUTTerflies are her thang! *lol* Have always loved this sentiment, but saw it again on my buddy Lesley's blog recently. Very cool.

Inkadinkado flourish and pretty butterfly stamp, blinged with Stickles, silver antennae and Swarovski crystals for extra sparkle.


Just wanted to say thank you again for your patience and support while I've been 'off the air'! *lol* Have received some lovely emails, too, and comments on Facebook. I'm sorry if you're still waiting for a reply! I thought things would relax a bit after getting the job offer, but oh noooooooooo!! I still have another month to do on my old job, and had pretty much run out of things to do so was coasting and not doing much except job-hunting. Thought I would be virtually 'on gardening leave' for the last month, but not a chance! Have been given a whole bunch of other stuff to do. Not that I am compaining. They're entitled, and I still count my blessings every day that I HAVE a job in this climate, and still pinching myself that I managed to find another one to go on to.. an even BETTER one! Hallelujah! :o)
So.. my thanks again. Please bear with me.. I WILL get round to replying soon, I promise!

Niece's Birthday Card..

A little card for my lovely niece, Laura... 23 tomorrow (but she definitely won't see this, so it's OK to post). Pity glitter is sooo difficult to photograph!

Navy blue Bazzill and SU punches for the scalloped circle (and the circle cut out of the middle), lighter blue Bazzill for the smaller Martha Stewart punched butterflies. The main butterfly was cut out of a magazine, edges inked then painted with Stickles, decorated with gems and silver wire antennae. Sentiment is computer-generated with Word Art and a font called 'I'm Bored'!! *lol*
One more to come.. above!

Wedding Card..

This is a commission from a friend at work. She asked me to produce something reminiscent of the invitation design. This was as close as I could get. What do you think? Good enough? I quite like it. I am into simplicity at the moment, after the "over-complicating the life out of everything" groove I got into last year!! ;o) I also rarely use ivory or hammered card as a background, so this was a nice change. Also christened my Hero Arts cling stamp damask thingy. Loving it. So versatile!

More to come.. above! :o)

Brother-in-Law's Birthday Card..

Hmm. If my mojo is coming back, I think this is indicative of a slow return!! Not very happy with this disjointed little effort, but it will have to do. Happy birthday, Phil..

Harlequin stamp and Versafine Majestic Blue ink (stamped off for a paler effect), script stamp, silver plated chain, silver spiral clip and seashell charm. 'Birthday' text stamp and hand-written 'happy', matted onto navy blue Bazzill.
More posts to follow (above)!
Chris xx

Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St George's Day!

The world is made up of two kinds of people.. English people, and those who wish they were English people! hehe ;o)

So to my fellow English people - and to those who can only hope - I wish you a lovely day!

Chris xx

Monday, 19 April 2010

Good news!!

And about flippin' time!! (phew)..

Got me a job, girlz!! After the emotional roller-coaster of the past couple of months or so, it is very welcome, I can tell you. Had my interview on Friday, and got on so well with the chaps I'd be working for. They made me feel so relaxed, and we had a giggle, and I left on a real high. But then the voices start and the doubts creep in, and I spent the whole weekend torturing myself... I should have said things I didn't say, and should have phrased differently things I DID say.. and when they didn't call until nearly noon today, I had convinced myself I hadn't got it, but then I got the call, and my face is hurting from grinning so much!! *lol*

There was an awkward moment in the car park as I was going in.. I met the previous candidate on her way out, and I know her! We used to work together at Business Link a few years ago, and she's good, so that didn't help my confidence much, either.

Anyway, it's mine! All mine! ;o)

What's that? What is it? Oh!! It's 'Management & Development Projects Officer, which is very similar to my current role, but with a little bit more authority and a little bit more money! Yayyy! I will be working for the Local Resilience Forum for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, which is a joint committee between all the public bodies in our area who are responsible for responding to emergencies, like police, fire, ambulance and local authorities, etc, and I will be based at Cambridgeshire Constabulary headquarters in Huntingdon. I am supposed to be in my current job until the end of May when my redundancy notice expires, but they have said I could leave a bit earlier, so probably starting mid-May-ish, to be confirmed tomorrow.

It's perfect. Just perfect.

So.... Thank you so much for all your lovely good wishes and supportive emails. I'm sorry I've been a moody mare, but it's been a tough few weeks, given the current climate, and being (almost) 52 now, etc. Haven't wanted to look too closely at this and have been in denial most of the time, but underneath it all, I think my faith has wavered a tad, and if I'm truthful with myself, because of difficulties I've had in the past, I have been quite scared.

But now I can relax and breathe again, maybe my mojo will come back.. ???