Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bucket alert.. Bucket alert...

Not crafty, I'm afraid, but I couldn't resist a little gloat... This arrived for me yesterday! (happy sigh)

Yes, still very loved up and ecstatically happy.

Hope you're all well and thriving. Miss you loads.


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day, Eric..

My Father's Day card for Eric. Seems a bit odd, I know.. sending a boyfriend a card for Father's Day, but we have spoken much in recent weeks about how we were meant to be together all those years ago, and he could have been the father of my children, and he would have been a great dad. He IS a great dad.

 THANK YOU again for all your lovely comments on my previous post! :o)

This is one of those embossing errors.. I embossed the little hearts before die-cutting the bigger hearts, which kind of squished the little ones, but I quite like the effect, so left it as was..

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I'm in luuuuurrrrvvvvee....

Get your hankies out, ladies.. Have a real Mills and Boon moment for you...

When I was 16, I met a very handsome soldier. He was a Lance-Corporal in the Royal Signals, 21, very tall, dark and utterly gorgeous, and we fell in love. He was my first grown up love. We talked about potentially getting married, and decided we would review things when I was 18 and had completed my 'A' levels. We were both completely smitten. However, my dad was not. He was a Wing-Commander in the RAF at the time.. a senior officer, equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel in the army. He did not approve of his daughter being associated with someone in the "other ranks", as they call them, and he used his authority and channels through M.O.D. to force us apart. My soldier stood up for us, but lost the battle. He was given no choice except to end our relationship. I was heartbroken.

Long story short(ish!), we found each other again on Facebook a few weeks ago, and we are both single again. Guess what? He had been equally heartbroken by our break-up, and I had always been on his mind, too, throughout the 36 years we've been apart.

After much communication over the past few weeks, we are now back together and totally smitten all over again! :o)

Now you know why I haven't been back in a while!! *lol*

ALSO.. I have just finished my old job today, and start the new one on 7th June! :o)

Life is soooooo good! Hope you're all doing as well, and enjoying life. :o)

Friday, 7 May 2010

Ribbon addict..

Isn't that brill??!! *lol* Just one on an email I received recently full of hilarious cat pics. (If you'd like a copy, email me at

Please note copyright details.. (I've not looked yet, but I'd guess you can probably find the pics at that site.)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Brace yourselves!! New Post Alert!!

FOUR of 'em! Yep, mojo is stirring.. Just a little, but there are definite signs of life! *lol*

There's a big 'Thank You' in the post below, too.

Hope you like, and hope you're all having a fab Bank Holiday!!

Chris xx

Butterfly card..

For a friend whose surname is Butt!! Not surprisingly, BUTTerflies are her thang! *lol* Have always loved this sentiment, but saw it again on my buddy Lesley's blog recently. Very cool.

Inkadinkado flourish and pretty butterfly stamp, blinged with Stickles, silver antennae and Swarovski crystals for extra sparkle.


Just wanted to say thank you again for your patience and support while I've been 'off the air'! *lol* Have received some lovely emails, too, and comments on Facebook. I'm sorry if you're still waiting for a reply! I thought things would relax a bit after getting the job offer, but oh noooooooooo!! I still have another month to do on my old job, and had pretty much run out of things to do so was coasting and not doing much except job-hunting. Thought I would be virtually 'on gardening leave' for the last month, but not a chance! Have been given a whole bunch of other stuff to do. Not that I am compaining. They're entitled, and I still count my blessings every day that I HAVE a job in this climate, and still pinching myself that I managed to find another one to go on to.. an even BETTER one! Hallelujah! :o)
So.. my thanks again. Please bear with me.. I WILL get round to replying soon, I promise!

Niece's Birthday Card..

A little card for my lovely niece, Laura... 23 tomorrow (but she definitely won't see this, so it's OK to post). Pity glitter is sooo difficult to photograph!

Navy blue Bazzill and SU punches for the scalloped circle (and the circle cut out of the middle), lighter blue Bazzill for the smaller Martha Stewart punched butterflies. The main butterfly was cut out of a magazine, edges inked then painted with Stickles, decorated with gems and silver wire antennae. Sentiment is computer-generated with Word Art and a font called 'I'm Bored'!! *lol*
One more to come.. above!

Wedding Card..

This is a commission from a friend at work. She asked me to produce something reminiscent of the invitation design. This was as close as I could get. What do you think? Good enough? I quite like it. I am into simplicity at the moment, after the "over-complicating the life out of everything" groove I got into last year!! ;o) I also rarely use ivory or hammered card as a background, so this was a nice change. Also christened my Hero Arts cling stamp damask thingy. Loving it. So versatile!

More to come.. above! :o)

Brother-in-Law's Birthday Card..

Hmm. If my mojo is coming back, I think this is indicative of a slow return!! Not very happy with this disjointed little effort, but it will have to do. Happy birthday, Phil..

Harlequin stamp and Versafine Majestic Blue ink (stamped off for a paler effect), script stamp, silver plated chain, silver spiral clip and seashell charm. 'Birthday' text stamp and hand-written 'happy', matted onto navy blue Bazzill.
More posts to follow (above)!
Chris xx

Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St George's Day!

The world is made up of two kinds of people.. English people, and those who wish they were English people! hehe ;o)

So to my fellow English people - and to those who can only hope - I wish you a lovely day!

Chris xx

Monday, 19 April 2010

Good news!!

And about flippin' time!! (phew)..

Got me a job, girlz!! After the emotional roller-coaster of the past couple of months or so, it is very welcome, I can tell you. Had my interview on Friday, and got on so well with the chaps I'd be working for. They made me feel so relaxed, and we had a giggle, and I left on a real high. But then the voices start and the doubts creep in, and I spent the whole weekend torturing myself... I should have said things I didn't say, and should have phrased differently things I DID say.. and when they didn't call until nearly noon today, I had convinced myself I hadn't got it, but then I got the call, and my face is hurting from grinning so much!! *lol*

There was an awkward moment in the car park as I was going in.. I met the previous candidate on her way out, and I know her! We used to work together at Business Link a few years ago, and she's good, so that didn't help my confidence much, either.

Anyway, it's mine! All mine! ;o)

What's that? What is it? Oh!! It's 'Management & Development Projects Officer, which is very similar to my current role, but with a little bit more authority and a little bit more money! Yayyy! I will be working for the Local Resilience Forum for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, which is a joint committee between all the public bodies in our area who are responsible for responding to emergencies, like police, fire, ambulance and local authorities, etc, and I will be based at Cambridgeshire Constabulary headquarters in Huntingdon. I am supposed to be in my current job until the end of May when my redundancy notice expires, but they have said I could leave a bit earlier, so probably starting mid-May-ish, to be confirmed tomorrow.

It's perfect. Just perfect.

So.... Thank you so much for all your lovely good wishes and supportive emails. I'm sorry I've been a moody mare, but it's been a tough few weeks, given the current climate, and being (almost) 52 now, etc. Haven't wanted to look too closely at this and have been in denial most of the time, but underneath it all, I think my faith has wavered a tad, and if I'm truthful with myself, because of difficulties I've had in the past, I have been quite scared.

But now I can relax and breathe again, maybe my mojo will come back.. ???

Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter, everyone..

An ATC from the archives.

Wishing you all a happy and blessed Easter.
Chris xx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Oh Mojo, Mojo.. Wherefore art thou, Mojo?

There I sat on Sunday morning.. still no card made... at my craft table, waiting for inspiration to strike. The wind whistled through the room. Ghostly tumbleweed drifted through the space where my mojo once lived... and this is the best I could come up with. (sigh) I know. You don't have to tell me. Bluuurrrgghh. But my mum liked it.

No news on t'job front. Will let you know when something happens. Meanwhile, keep those digits limbered, OK?
Chris xx

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Now girls, you weren't crossing hard enough, were you? Some of you were uncrossing to make a sneaky card or two, eh? C'mon.. 'Fess up.

Didn't get the job. Never mind. There will be others and I didn't really want that smelly job anyway. God's in charge. It obviously wasn't right.

I'll let you know when I need you on finger-crossing duty again next time. Thank you for your good wishes and extremity-contortions this time, even if some of it from some people was a tad feeble, let's be honest.

Chris xx

Monday, 8 March 2010

...aaaannd relax!

It's OK.. You can uncross everything now. Normal crafting service may resume.. that's if cramp hasn't set in. *lol* (That did make me chuckle, Jules!! ;o) T'interview went well, I think. Not 100% convinced it's the right one for me, but a bird in the hand, and all that. Anyway, we'll see. Hopefully news of the outcome tomorrow evening.

Thanks again for all your support. :o)

Chris xx

Sunday, 7 March 2010

A Quick Thank You..

Hello, girls! Just wanted to drop by quickly to say thanks so much for all your lovely comments and encouraging words.. I really do appreciate them, and I'm sorry I haven't had chance to reciprocate lately.

I have my first interview tomorrow for the Fundraising Manager's post I told you about before. Have been busy preparing my presentation today. Just a few more bits of reading to do to refresh myself on the details, and prepare some halfway intelligent questions... bit of laundry and a manicure, etc, and I'll be ready!

4.00pm GMT tomorrow... I want all fingers and toes crossed, and prayers headed to heaven, please.... *lol* ;o) I know you will.

Will let you know the outcome.

Chris xx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Birthday Card for a Delicious person..

.. Paperlicious Delicious, that is! *lol* This was my birthday card for my lovely pal, Lesley.

It uses Papermania DP, Nesties label die, and about nine different rubberstamps! If there are any you'd like to know about, please do ask.

I also made a giftbox and a charm for whatever Lesley wanted to hang it from ~ a dingle-dangle for her dongle ~ but I forgot to take photos, so you'll have to visit Lesley's blog HERE (which I would definitely encourage, anyway), as she DID take pics! :o)

TTFN.. xoxoxo

Friday, 26 February 2010

Who's a clever clogs, then?

We-ell.. almost. I've got an interview at least!! *lol*... I don't believe in jinxes, so I'll tell you what it is.. Fundraising Manager at a well know national Cancer charity that has a lot of coffee mornings!! ;o)

Have a couple of other irons in the fire, too, and I would love any one of the three jobs I have applied for this week. They're all little crackers! The other two are marketing and communications managerial posts.

So pleased to have been shortlisted for interview for one of the three already. It's very encouraging and has put a big smile back on my face. :o)

Interview's on 8th March, a little ahead of the closing dates on the other two, but maybe I'll only need the one, eh? :o)

Anyway, I'm in danger of rambling again, so will shut up now. Hope you are all hanging in there, and managing to keep warm if you're up t'north or across the border in bonnie Scotland.

Chris xx

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Time for a change..

Hi, all..

Just a quick message to let you know that I may not be around much on my blog, nor able to visit you as much for a while. Nothing sinister going on; just that I need to spend my spare time job-searching and I may have to down-size fairly soon in order to economise, and that means I need to undertake a major de-cluttering exercise to prepare for that. This project is going to take a while, so will only be crafting for birthdays, etc, and not just for fun.

As I de-clutter, I expect to be selling as much as I can, so please do subscribe to the feed from my 'Flog', if you can bear it, as there will be some crafting items coming up for sale amongst the detritus of my life.

Link to my Flog is at the top of my sidebar >>>

Thanks, friends. Didn't want you to be concerned if I seem to have dropped off the planet!! *lol*

See you soon..

Chris xx

Friday, 12 February 2010

Birthday blues..

Please forgive my immodesty, but I think this is my favourite card to date (of mine, that is). It is also a commissioned card for the same lady as the Valentine in the post below.

The colour choices were taken from my brief.. she likes bold reds and turquoise. Don't they work well? I think that combo will reappear on my work in the future!

Oh, yes.. The metal corner that's floating out there on its own? It hides a stamping error!! lol ;o) But I think it works, in spite of its 'oddness'.

White CS from, Blue Iris Chalk Eyes ink around the edges, the little dots around the edge are created with a Judikins stamp, 'Field of Sky. Harlequin and script stamps used with Majestic Blue Versafine ink (second stampings). Papermania DP panel cut with Nestabilities Labels #8, decorative metal corners, Sizzlits leaf spray die-cuts with Dark Brown Chalk Eyes ink smudged on the edges of the leaves, roses, twine and beautiful lace from my Dutch friend, Lean.

Roses are red, Violets are blue..

Errr.. I've made a card, and I'll show it to you! lol ;o)

This was commissioned by an old work friend for his wife. I hope he (and she!) likes it! He will be collecting it this evening. (I'm 100% sure she won't see this, so it's OK.) (Oh, and I haven't mis-spelt the name.. there is no 'e' on the end.)

The beautiful DP is from Papermania. Have used Nestabilities Labels #8 and EK Success border punch, Martha Stewart butterfly punch and the heart is a die-cut. Quickutz Eliza lettering, Cezanne font for the 'to my darling wife' at the bottom. Rose image from t'internet. Lots of flowers and bling.

Plunder from Downunder..

Well, not plunder, exactly, as it was in fact a very generous gift, but it rhymed with downunder, which is where it's from! ;o)

Regulars may recall that I was after a stamp that had been discontinued, and I put out an appeal on my blog a few months ago...

Chris, a very generous stamper from Australia, contacted me to offer the one she had in her collection.. much loved, but never inked. We have agreed a swap, but when the stamp arrived, I thought, "That's heavy.. there's more than one stamp in this packet", and just look at what it was wrapped in...

How gorgeous is this? I was blown away. Thank you again, Chris.. I love it!! The photos don't do it justice, I'm afraid. The beautiful work around the sides of the box doesn't show up very well.

Chris' blog is well worth a visit, but I have lost the address!! Have asked Chris to remind me, and then I'll come back and edit this post to tell you, so please do check back in a day or two.

What a blessing, eh? :o)

EDIT: Chris' blog is HERE. You may have to scroll back to the 'older posts' to see some examples of her lovely artwork.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Petition - Robin Hood Tax on Banks

Yep, politics again, but I make no apology. If it is not of interest to you, then please skip this post, but if you are as outraged as I am by the way ordinary people are being punished for the banks' greed and failures instead of the banks themselves who should be paying for the damage they've caused, then please sign the petition on the links below.

And if you are AMERICAN, please lobby your government to do the same, as our news programmes are telling us that this needs to be a global solution, and the American administration is reluctant for some reason.

I am losing my job next month because the organisation I work for is funded by our local authority and can no longer afford to support us because central government is slashing budgets to pay for bailing out the banks. At 51, in the current climate with so many people unemployed, it's just as well I am a Christian and have faith, or I would have no hope.

It's time to stop punishing ordinary people for the banks' greed and failures.

Please get involved. This is the email I received from 38 Degrees (a campaigning body) about the petition.........

Today we've teamed up with organisations including Comic Relief, the TUC, Friends of the Earth and War on Want to campaign for a simple measure that could make a big difference. We're campaigning for a Robin Hood Bankers Tax, a global tax on high value transactions between banks.

This wouldn't affect high street customers, it's a tax on the sort of risky speculation that caused the banking crisis.

The financial crisis showed us that the global banking system doesn't work properly. Bankers chasing bonuses caused havoc around the world, costing taxpayers billions. We need to make sure this never happens again, and that bankers repay their debts to society.

By working together, we can push politicians to go beyond grand speeches and take real, lasting action.We know that right now UK politicians are desperate to persuade us to vote for them - let's make sure they realise that tackling the problems with banking would be a vote-winner.

Sign the petition to the leaders of the three major parties now:

The tax of just 0.05% will raise hundreds of billions of pounds to fund action against climate change, poverty and other big issues in Britain and around the world.

We know the banks will be speaking up against this idea - thousands of us speaking up in favour will help drown them out. Sign the petition now to leaders of the three biggest political parties, calling on them to support the tax, then please tell your friends.

Last year, by working together we persuaded the chancellor to introduce a windfall tax on bankers' bonuses. Now, we've got a chance to persuade all the parties to take longer-term action to reform banking and raise much-needed cash. Please support the Robin Hood Tax, sign the petition now:

Thanks, chaps. XOXOXO

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Still crafting..

This one is recycling the cute image from my Christmas card from Lean showing kittens playing. I adore tabbies.. This pic takes me back to when Tigger and his brother were babies. Sadly, his brother was run over and had to be put down at six months old, but Tigger is still going strong at sixteen and is curled up at my feet as I write.

Not sure what to do with the fluffy bit, yet, Lean, but I'm working on it! lol ;o)

This card also uses a script stamp, my harlequin stamp and an SU 'Friendship' stamp. The CS is coloured with Chalk Eyes peach, bisque and dark brown inks. The leaf sprays are a Sizzlits die.
The next card uses my own dear Gilbert the Ghost image, but recycled from the Christmas card I received from Allison. I have always loved this DP which is taken from a pad of similarly lovely paper, but don't ask me who it's from! Sorry. But anyway, it reminds me of tapestry, and I thought it would make a suitable backdrop for a ghost.. floating down the corridor of an old mansion, perhaps! lol ;o)
Chris xx

Friday, 5 February 2010

More Christmas..

Recycled from the lovely Christmas card Brenda sent me. (Hope that's alright, Brenda! Actually, she's busy with organising the HEEEOOOUUGGEE Sir Stampalot blog candy/hop thing this week, so maybe she won't notice! Tell you what, if you haven't entered.. have a peek on her blog HERE at what they're up to, and keep her even busier for me, OK? Hehe!! ;o)

As well as the lovely stamped image from Brenda's card, I have also used a Cuttlebug holly embossing folder, some Stickles for a touch of sparkle, Woodware holly punch using more of the music paper Lean sent me, and some red tinsel pom-poms.
Chris xx

Free vintage image for you..

It has been a very stressful week, and is not over yet, but until I get chance to show something crafty, here's a freebie for those that want it.

This handsome chap is my Great Grandad, William, in his WWI uniform...

I'm sure most of you know, but for those that don't.. Right click on the picture and select 'Save picture as..', then choose where on your computer you want to save it to, and give it a filename.

This is a family photo, so personal use only, please, and please link back to my blog if you display any creations using it. (And please send me a link, too, so I can come and have a nose!) ;o) If you do take it, please be kind and leave me a comment.

Please do not display the photo itself on your blog, or offer it as a freebie, except by providing a link to this post, and do not offer it for sale in any form.

Many thanks.


Monday, 1 February 2010

Another Christmas card..

Pretty standard for me. Feel free to ask if you would like any details.


Double recycled! lol ;o)

Remember this one? I made it for my daughter but wasn't happy with it, so made her another.
And this one on the right was an incoming Christmas card from Lean that I showed you yesterday.

Have used elements from both cards in the new one below..

That frame is beautiful, and I couldn't wait to re-use it. (Hope you don't mind, Lean!) It was a perfect match for the stamped image from the card I made for my daughter..

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Multiple Posts Warning!

To save any confusion, please note that I've been having a catch-up, and there are four new posts below! :o)


ALMOST new card!

This one almost doesn't have any recycling on it at all.. Almost. You know how when you're stamping you have some old piece of scrap for taking off excess ink, trying out images together, etc? Yes? Well, I quite liked the collagey look of one area on my piece of scrap, so I cut it out and used it! lol ;o) I think that's allowed. It's the grungy bit in the middle...

My fave harlequin stamp again, plus the Hero Arts friendship text (repeat stamped), and Judikins (I think) 'Field of Sky' used randomly around the edges for the dots.. gives a nice, vintage-looking finish. Sizzlits die-cut leaves and a BG button.


SHAMEFULLY, I haven't shown you these before.. They are the handcrafted cards I received from some bloggy buds, and before they get recycled to within an inch of their lives, thought I had better take some pictures for posterity...

This (above) is from Lesley at Paperlicious Delicious.. One of my favouritest people in the whole wide world. Trust her to do something really wacky and different, eh? lol ;o) But I LOVE it!!

This one (above) is from Dutch beauty Lean, from Scrapsels from Lean in Holland. Even with Google Translate (which seems to struggle with Dutch!), I don't understand very much at all of what Lean says, but she seems to understand me, thank goodness, so between her Double Dutch and my loving her work (and her stunning border collie, Misty), we rub along!! lol ;o)

This beaut is from Jules at Always With A Heart. Every card that Jules makes has a heart on it somewhere. Can you spot it on this card? Another lovely and talented lady.

This one (above) is by local friend, Brenda (Floral Fantasies), who is a regular demonstrator at my local stash emporium, Sir Stampalot, and we have met 'in the flesh'. Lovely lady again, and makes cards to die for that her blog just simply does not do justice. They sparkle like jewells in real life. Soooo pretty!
My Gilbert has come back to visit me again! This is from Allison (Allison's Crafty Moments), my talented DT buddy from when I was on the Funky Hand team. Great bunch of gals! Loving the glitter Allison gave his fur trim! (For new visitors who don't know Gilbert, he's my first digistamp.. Gilbert the Ghost. Available free to anyone who asks for a copy.)

Thank you again, ladies, for your beautiful cards. God bless you. :o)