Thursday, 27 May 2010

I'm in luuuuurrrrvvvvee....

Get your hankies out, ladies.. Have a real Mills and Boon moment for you...

When I was 16, I met a very handsome soldier. He was a Lance-Corporal in the Royal Signals, 21, very tall, dark and utterly gorgeous, and we fell in love. He was my first grown up love. We talked about potentially getting married, and decided we would review things when I was 18 and had completed my 'A' levels. We were both completely smitten. However, my dad was not. He was a Wing-Commander in the RAF at the time.. a senior officer, equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel in the army. He did not approve of his daughter being associated with someone in the "other ranks", as they call them, and he used his authority and channels through M.O.D. to force us apart. My soldier stood up for us, but lost the battle. He was given no choice except to end our relationship. I was heartbroken.

Long story short(ish!), we found each other again on Facebook a few weeks ago, and we are both single again. Guess what? He had been equally heartbroken by our break-up, and I had always been on his mind, too, throughout the 36 years we've been apart.

After much communication over the past few weeks, we are now back together and totally smitten all over again! :o)

Now you know why I haven't been back in a while!! *lol*

ALSO.. I have just finished my old job today, and start the new one on 7th June! :o)

Life is soooooo good! Hope you're all doing as well, and enjoying life. :o)


  1. OMG Chris! No wonder you haven't been around! It is all go isn't it? I'm so happy for you! Hope you are both very happy and that your new job is fabulous too! You go girl! Kim

  2. Awww I love a true love story. Wishing you all the happiness you can stand!!!

  3. OH.

    this is just WONDERFUL! i love stories like this! 36 years, Chris! congrats on your newly rekindled romance, and DEFINITELY keep us posted! i am SO happy for you! *big, huge hugs*

  4. wauwyyy lucky you ....have fun and enjoying life.

  5. Hi Chris

    What fantastic news!!

    It sounds like your life has turned a corner and you are now going to get a good helping of all the happiness you deserve.

    Such a lovely "love" story. Some things were just meant to be!!!

    Have fun!!

    Love Jules xx

  6. aaawww How wonderful - Im so happy for you Chris.I hope youll both be very happy for a very,very long time xx

  7. Oh how wonderful Chris! I think a while back when being made redundant first reared its ugly head I said to you that you never know what's round the corner and although it doesn't seem like it at the time, most things happen for the best in the long run. LOOK AT YOU NOW GIRL!!!!

    Be very happy my friend, you deserve it.

    Lesley Xx

  8. What a wonderful post Chris - it sounds fairytale like, but just shows and proves that it can and does happen to some people :)

    I think the Internet has brought many people together, I myself have been reunited to three of my nieces, which is really nice.

    Keep happy and wishing you both all the luck in the world, you both sound like you deserve it.

    Carol x

  9. Ahhhh Chris, I'm so pleased for you my friend. What a lovely story, and I hope it has a very happy ending. Enjoy every moment.

    Love Debbie xxx

  10. Hi Chris, so happy to hear your fabulous news and it does sound like a romantic novel.
    Wishing you the very best for the future as you certainly deserve it.
    Sending hugs, Fliss xx

  11. Oh WOW! what a lovely tale.... I wish you much love and happiness xx

  12. Chris, this is completely overwhelming, and i just can't tell you how very happy I am for you.
    Life is good indeed!

    Love, Olga

  13. Oh Chris, this is absolutely wonderful!!! It gave me goosebumps reading your post.

    So very chuffed for you, and wishing you both the very best for the future.

    Leanne xx

  14. Thank you so much, ladies! I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat all the time these days, and your comments are adding to that.. Luv y'all lots!!

    Chris xx

  15. ooooh wow- what a wonderful story- I am sooo happy for you

  16. Oh Chris how absolutely wonderful for you!!!! I am so happy for you both. What a very special time you must be having! Enjoy!!!!!
    And good luck with your new job!!!!
    Lesley xx

  17. I am sooo happy for you Chris! This is a wonderful and totally heartening story.
    I popped over to give you an award from my blog but I guess I've been upstaged! LOL!
    Werll, if you can get the stardust outaa your eyes for long enough, it's over there for you! LOL!

  18. Oh my gosh Chris what a fantastic story and I wish you all the best - it was meant to be.
    I lost my one true love years ago too thanks to my parents, he got married eventually and now lives in New Zealand, quite a similar story to yours but alas mine did not end happy. Wonder why I'm still single.....

    I am soo pleased for you



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