Friday, 12 February 2010

Plunder from Downunder..

Well, not plunder, exactly, as it was in fact a very generous gift, but it rhymed with downunder, which is where it's from! ;o)

Regulars may recall that I was after a stamp that had been discontinued, and I put out an appeal on my blog a few months ago...

Chris, a very generous stamper from Australia, contacted me to offer the one she had in her collection.. much loved, but never inked. We have agreed a swap, but when the stamp arrived, I thought, "That's heavy.. there's more than one stamp in this packet", and just look at what it was wrapped in...

How gorgeous is this? I was blown away. Thank you again, Chris.. I love it!! The photos don't do it justice, I'm afraid. The beautiful work around the sides of the box doesn't show up very well.

Chris' blog is well worth a visit, but I have lost the address!! Have asked Chris to remind me, and then I'll come back and edit this post to tell you, so please do check back in a day or two.

What a blessing, eh? :o)

EDIT: Chris' blog is HERE. You may have to scroll back to the 'older posts' to see some examples of her lovely artwork.



  1. Wauw great gift lucky GIRL!!!

  2. The box is beautiful, lucky thing :) I would be interested in visiting her blog when you have the address - would like to see more of her work.

    Carol x

  3. what a blessing indeed...Ive always wanted that stamp, its just so gorgeous and how generous of Chris,there are some wonderfully beautiful souls out there xx

  4. How beautiful! What a gorgeous gift and what a fabulous stamp! Love that image!!!!!
    Lesley x

  5. Oh my Chris. That box is an absolute treasure! Lucky, lucky you! Can't wait to have a look at Chris's blog when you have the link. Can't wait to see what you do with that gorgeous stamp too.

    Lesley Xx


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