Monday, 1 February 2010

Double recycled! lol ;o)

Remember this one? I made it for my daughter but wasn't happy with it, so made her another.
And this one on the right was an incoming Christmas card from Lean that I showed you yesterday.

Have used elements from both cards in the new one below..

That frame is beautiful, and I couldn't wait to re-use it. (Hope you don't mind, Lean!) It was a perfect match for the stamped image from the card I made for my daughter..


  1. hmmmmm ok i dont mind you made a stunning new one with it...hihihhii.
    bye bye,Lean....i love the frame to.

  2. This is gorgeous. She'll love it!!!!
    Still recycling I see lol!
    Lesley x

  3. OMG, GORGEOUS, Chris! lookitchoo with all this earth-friendliness! woot!


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