Sunday, 15 November 2009

Thomas Kinkade - Stonehearth Hutch...

I have been in love with Thomas Kinkade's paintings since I visited Colorado for Thanksgiving back in 2000. A lovely memory.. I had been developing a relationship on-line with a man called Mike from Denver whom I'd 'met' on a Christian singles site, and I flew over to the US to meet him for real. We didn't click romantically, but he was a wonderful host, and took great care of me, and took me all over his outstandingly beautiful home state, including Beaver Creek (I think it was Beaver Creek.. it might have been Vail, as we went to both.. and Breckenridge and Boulder, and..).. Anyway, in one of those places, there was a Thomas Kinkade gallery. Enchanting and wonderful, where they dim the lighting and all the lights in the paintings come alive. Also Mike's mum worked in a big Christian bookshop in Denver which had Thomas Kinkade stuff for sale, too, so I strongly associate anything Thomas Kinkade with happy, festive times.

It's a real pity that Mike and I didn't click, as I loved his family, and they seemed to take to me, too, and I would have loved living in Colorado. Hmm. (thinks) Wonder what he's doing now?

So.... I was thrilled to bits when I discovered a while ago that Cornish Heritage Farms have a range of Thomas Kinkade stamps! Woohoo! And I love this one in particular. (There's a lot of love around on my blog this evening! lol)

This stamp is Stonehearth Hutch (aka Christmas Cottage), mounted onto acetate, of course, with the holly punch that Dolly FORCED me to buy, and the MS pine branch punch, and some other bits n' pieces.


  1. Youve done such a beautiful job with this stamp - Ive always wanted one of these stamps but I know I just couldnt do it justice (which, of course you have)

  2. But if you had moved to Colorado we would not have had you here to inducge us in your creations and the odd meet up at Stampalot.

    I do not have of the Cornish Heritage stampes, but often see them around blogland adn there really are stunning.

    Shame on Dolly forcing you to but craft goodies, Jules did the same to me last week, it really is dreadful how our blog buddies treat us. But don't we just love them.

    B x

  3. Wauwww lovely cards you made and so wonderful stamps you used .Great work girl.
    On my blog you can find 3 awards for you.
    have a nice sunday,Lean.

  4. this is gorgeous- wonderful stamp

  5. Awwww thanks for sharing your story, Chris! Such a shame, as you say, but obviously not meant to be.

    Beautiful stamp though and the card is fabulous!
    Lesley x

  6. Same as Lesley said .. what a shame I met my partner on line 8yrs ago so it can happen.. keep at it! The card is wonderful .. I could do with some lessons lol .. noo seriously.
    Sue B x

  7. This is beautiful Chris, really festive. :)xx

  8. `Stunning card Christine` TFI:)xxx


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