Thursday, 19 November 2009

Blog Candy Win! :o)

This is the first blog candy win I've had since I took a break from blogging a few months ago, but isn't this the BEST way to win? To be chosen by the most adorable creature I've clapped eyes on for a long time.. Allow me to introduce Misty. Here she is having just chosen my lump of paper...

And here she is displaying my name... (Great French manicure, Misty.. not! I'd get your money back if I were you, hun..)
All done with great style and panache, if you ask me, in spite of the questionable pedicure. And THIS is what I get to win!! Lashings of lace, and lots of other goodies, too!
Now, Misty belongs to my lovely Dutch blog buddy, Lean.. doggy scrap artist supreme! (Her hubby is very handsome, too, and sometimes gets a look in! lol ;o)
If you haven't seen Lean's lovely layouts yet, do yourselves a favour and drop over HERE for a peek!
Thanks, Lean, for the cracking candy. :o)


  1. HIHIHI congrats with the candy and have lots of fun with it.And yes Misty's french manicure looks like.......Next time she have a paw shoot i have to wash them first...hahahah.
    have i nice weekend,Lean.

  2. Congratulations on your win Chris. This has really brought a smile to my face-Misty is so gorgeous and what a clever pooch to pick a winner too! Hope you enjoy your prize when it appears.
    Just found this having got back from Brighton with my 18 year old daughter (doing an art foundation year) and have been trawling the fab vintage shops she's discovered. My purchases will be appearing soon on some of my stuff (old postcards, vintage braid and buttons etc.)
    Have a great weekend. Hugs, Fliss xx

  3. Misty is one beautiful lady! Huge congrats Chris on your stash win!
    Love Sarita xx

  4. Congratulation on your win Chris. Couldn't go to a nicer person.

    I'm just catching up on blogs after returning from holiday yesterday. I had somehow thought your deadline for cd sales for Papworth Trust donations was up to the end of October. I must have read it wrong so I've reinstated it at the top of my sidebar.

    Good luck on selling the last 3 needed.

    Lesley Xx

  5. Good Monring Chris

    Looks like I have missed lots of activity this week. Well done on the win.

    Sorry not been able to visit due to this eye problem, but thanks for still visiting me, really is appreciated.

    B x

  6. Hi Chris

    What an unusual way to be classed as a winner!! But hey .. .. .. any way would do if you win lovely goodies like that!!

    Hope you are ok.

    Love Jules xx

  7. congrats on the win! this post just made me lullz - especially the manicure comment! and you say *I* make you laugh!

    you're stellar, girlie! xo


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