Sunday, 20 September 2009

Birthday Boy

Tigger ~ Sweet Sixteen today!
(This is a few years old, but will grab him for a photo-shoot after his nap!)
This cat is so special to me. He is very affectionate, and talkative. Loves a cuddle. He was a particular comfort to me during my cancer treatment, and seemed to know I wasn't feeling the best. He would just nestle up next to me, and cuddle up for hours. I adore him!
His birthday treat is a new supply of jingly balls... 49p from Morrisons for a pack of three! They're the see through little mesh balls with a cat bell in the middle. He loves them, and even at his age, he will chase them around for ages! He likes the open mesh as he can pick them up and carry them wherever he wants them to start his game. I often find them in the garden!
Trouble is, they get under my feet, and eventually get trodden on, and have to hope that Morrisons have them in stock! They did yesterday, so I bought several packs! They should last him a while. I hope!
Happy birthday, Tigger!


  1. Awww...Happy Birthday, bless him...Hope you've got him a lovely treat for later then.

    Hugs Debbie xx

    P.S. Does he want a playmate?....;0)

  2. happy birthday are such a handsome chap....absolutely adorable....big hugs kath xxxx

  3. Happy Birthday Tigger, waiting for the birthday piccy - what that jungle ball perhaps.

    B x

  4. Hi Chris,
    What a handsome chap Tigger is! Doesn't look a day over 10!!
    I love my cats too and when I lost my Mum earlier this year both of them were always instantly at my side whenever I shed a tear. Cats are very sepcial. I'm glad Tigger has been there for you too!
    Lesley x

  5. Hi Tigger happy birthday to you and your photo i like a lot your a handsome guy.
    Have a nice day with lots of treats yummie,Misty

  6. Aw Bless what a beautiful Cat Christine..
    `Happy Belated B`day` to him...TFS:)

  7. Awww Tigger you are a handsome boy
    Happy belated birthday

    Dawn - ooh and the two furries too!!

  8. OH belated happy birthday Tigger!. You make me miss my boy named Lucky, he looked as beautiful as you.


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