Thursday, 17 September 2009

Better today..

Well, today is better, thank goodness, but then, I'm not going out, so can't do any damage by coming into contact with other people!! lol ;o)

I am not proud of how I reacted to those people yesterday. I should remember that ~ like them ~ I am still 'under construction'.. a work in progress! Oh well.. today is a new day! Can't help thinking about that poor pooch, though. He seemed like he would be such a lovely dog. He was clearly very old. I just pray he won't have to suffer for very much longer. At least he looked well fed.

AND... on a brighter note... I called the taxi firm back again this morning to give them my contact details.. just in case my mobile turns up, and a few minutes later, they called me and said they found my phone!!! Yayyy!! Phew! That will save me a lot of aggravation!

My daughter is coming up for the weekend anyway, so she's going to pick it up for me.

Thank you to those who left comments in support, and gave me a giggle (Suze!) ;o)



  1. Great news about the phone. And don't feel too badly about the people - maybe you did give them food for thought. Nothing wrong in that. Have a good day. x

  2. Wauw they found your phone lucky you and yes its said bout the dog.I am always thinking bad people always getting old dog´s and people who are taking just good care for there anmails they are not that lucky.You no what i mean?But they are having lucky anmails and cheerful.
    bye bye,Lean

  3. So whens the next boigraphical edition due out ?

    Oh I did enjoy reading that and so very pleased others have the same ability to....
    uhm....shall we say....try and do the right thing !

    As I read it I could visulaise myself in your shoes yesterday and the events would have been pretty similar. On the dog, I just might have gone for a citizens arrest, of the dog not the owner, safer that way.

    Certainly no need to reproach yourself, its all those others and pleased you got you phone back.

    B x

  4. Hi chris,
    I'm glad today has been a happier one for you and that you will get your phone back, Excellent.
    Lesley x

  5. Hi Chris, I've been out of action for a week or so (possible 'mild' dose of the dreaded S/Flu) so am just catching up with blogs.

    What a day of it you had with your poor Mum. I too commend you for speaking out and have to admit that I'm rarely that brave. Instead I let things like that eat me up inside because I haven't tried to do anything, especially the dog situation.

    On the rare occasion I have spoken my mind I've ended up extremely embarrassed because the offending person has no compunction about venting their feelings loudly and colourfully in front of a crowd and I'm someone who hates to be made a spectacle of but I do try sometimes and it's usually when I see an injustice of some kind.

    My husband, however, is not the same 'shrinking violet' as me and once when we were hosting a weekend on behalf of his employers for some competition winners, he very politely asked one of them to refrain from using language liberally peppered with the f... word amongst others, at a 'posh' restaurant. We discovered later that the chap concerned was noted for his bad behaviour after having a fair bit of alcohol and he became extremely aggressive. The whole situation got totally out of hand and my Hubby ended up in hospital with a badly injured eye because he tried to diffuse the situation instead of meeting like with like.

    The really bright ending to your story is the return of your phone. I would have bet on you never seeing that again but I'm so glad I was wrong.

    Lesley Xx

    PS Sorry this turned out to be nearly as long as your post, Lol!


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