Friday, 21 August 2009

... And now for something completely different!

My daughter (bless her cotton socks) sent me pics of the kind of jewellery she wears nowadays, so I could make her a necklace to go with it. Trouble is, it's all metal spirals.... hippy stylee. Eeeek!! Now, I might have had a stab at it if I were the kind of artist who creates using a blowtorch, but I'm not! I can whip up some very pretty swarovski beaded bracelets with the best of them.. but HIPPY??? Yikes!!

"I'll leave it with you, mum. I know you'll come up with something."

Sheesh. Yep. OK. Thanks for your confidence in me, sweets!

So.. the brief is 'hippy' and 'purple'.

This is what I came up with, using waxed beading cord, a button and some beads..

Meant to be worn at choker-length, it works by pushing the tail end through a loop at the back of the heart, and tying it in a loose knot with the beaded end, which is tucked behind the button. The free tail showing is part of the 'hippy' design. (Could also be wound around the wrist twice and worn as a bracelet instead of as a necklace.)

What do you think?



  1. Oh my goodness Chris - she is going to love it! I love it! I love the purple button and the choker style, oh you are just going to have to tell us what she says! Kim

  2. Ooh I love this Chris, it's really pretty and truly unique. I bet your daughter will absolutely love it,
    Love Sarita xx

  3. She wil love this necklace and it looks..Hipy&purpel so your saved and a wondeful mom.
    bye bye,Lean

  4. I think it is just bloomin' gorgeous sweetheart and I'd like to put my order in now please :o)

    I'm sure your daughter will love it!


    Julia x

  5. Beautiful Chris. Love the dangly bit, as I love dangly's anyway...does that sound a bit rude...oops..

    Hope she loves it as much as I do, and some more.

    Hugs Debbie xx

  6. Well done you... this is fab & you do realise that your daughter is going to be putting in orders all the time now... her own unique jewellery... what more can a girl ask for.

    Because you provide me with such enjoyment & inspiration there is something on my blog for you...

    Lorraine xxx

  7. Hi Chris

    I am sure your daughter will love it .. .. anything with a heart on gets a thumbs up from me. LOL!!!

    Brilliant colour and a very interesting way to alter the length. Love it!!

    Love Jules xx

  8. That is pretty and just right I think Chris.

    Cazzy x

  9. This is great and from what I've seen, the 'in' colour in the shops at the moment. I'm sure your daughter is going to love it especially as it will be totally unique and made with love by her mum.

    Lesley Xx


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