Sunday, 26 July 2009

Birthday Cards from Ruth, Allison & Lythan..

I promised ages ago to post pictures of the birthday cards I received from Ruth, Allison and Lythan.. three of my former Funky Hand DT-mates, before I resigned from the team through lack of time to be able to perform my DT duties as well as I wanted to.
Designed for several teams, but the Funky Hand team was the first for me, and the best. It was amazing.. I'm sure it still is! Not only from a talent perspective (and there was/is some awesome talent on that team).. but because they were/are a great bunch of gals, and it was a privilege to be one of them.

By co-incidence, I noticed that Anice, the creator of Funky Hand, has launched a new download today called Hearts and Flowers. It's a lovely collection, and the DT have done great things with it. One of my cards is on the DT gallery too! :o)

Any road up, when you get a moment, these are the links to the ladies' blogs who made these treasures here on the left. Well worth a shufti, I promise you!

Ruth (she makes those buttons herself, y'know!)

Thanks, again, girls.. You made my day! :o)

P.S. Not sure why the two pics have displayed in different sizes, but they should be the same! Oh well...

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  1. you are welcome again Chris and yes we miss you
    as well as the new download there is a new monthly challenge blog from 1st August and i do hope you can join in the fun with us


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