Thursday, 1 January 2009


I know I have been a horrible blogger in the past three months since I started my new job. I do miss you all a great deal, and wish I could spend hours every day like I used to, visiting blogs and being inspired so much by your beautiful artwork and stories that made me smile and sad sometimes, too.

Just wanted to come here in the last hour of 2008 to wish you all the happiest 2009. Times are hard for many people right now, but I hope that in the midst of whatever you are facing, that you remember to treasure whatever small miracles there may also be amongst the ashes. I have had some very difficult times myself in the past seven years, so I know something about it, and all I would say if you are also going through tough times is please try, try, TRY to be as positive as you can. It really does help.

My miracle came when I stopped looking down at the mess I was in and being angry, stopped looking at what I didn't have, and started instead to look up and realise that I still had so much and started thanking God for it. I know it sounds really cheesy, but that really was the break point. Whatever you make of it, I believe that something was released... broken.. call it what you will, and blessing was allowed to come in. I had a new job within two weeks.

So, anyway.. a bit preachy, I know, but y'know what? I'm not sorry. If it helps one person, it was worth the mockery of others.

Once again, I wish you ALL a very happy 2009. Keep looking up.

God bless..