Friday, 28 November 2008

Funky Daze # 5.. Happy Birthday, ????!

Hehe!! Can't show you this one yet, but it is already made, and yes, it does use Funky Daze paper, and yes, it is for yet another Funky Hand DT-mate who also has a birthday quite soon! You know who you are... J... O... Z........................

Cards to come... Got to make an anniversary card for my mum on Sunday. Dad passed away three years ago, but it's still nice to mark their anniversary. Unfortunately, dad missed their golden wedding anniversary by two weeks!!

Then it's my sister's birthday on 10th December, so those are my two most urgent cards.

I haven't made any Christmas cards yet (except those I have made for challenges), but time (and the inclination) is not on my side, so will most likely.... (whispering)... BUY my cards this year!!! SHOCK HORROR!!

I will leave you with that hideous thought, and wish you a happy, creative weekend! :o)