Friday, 31 October 2008

Thank You & An Apology..

Hi, all..
Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who leaves me such wonderful, warm messages. I am really touched when people take the time, and I honestly appreciate it enormously. But I have to apologise for not getting back to many of you for a while. It takes me forever to get around everyone's blogs, and my crafting is way behind, too, so please bear with me if I haven't yet returned the compliment. I will just as soon as a I can. :o)
Meanwhile, this card is for you.


  1. Ahhhh Chris its beautiful. Don't ever worry about just gets in the way to much sometimes. Hope you are ok and speak soon. Big hugs Em.x

  2. It's a lovely card, Chris! You've had your hands full lately and don't worry. What a simply beautiful card too!

  3. What a beautiful and simple card yet so effective :-) Hope you are well

  4. Aww Chris it's a gorgeous elegant card and I know what you mean about doing the rounds this is me just starting at the top of my blog list now and it's Saturday and 11.20 pm and since I stopped working I'm doing even less crafting instead of more - I haven't been in hardly what with computer classes and spring cleaning(LOL I know it's a bit late!!)
    Hopefully I will get round and see everyone this weekend, I so miss visiting everyone's blogs.



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