Monday, 3 November 2008

Let's see if we can do this q-u-i-e-t-l-y.. (sshhhhhh)

Keeping this at the top until November. Please scroll down for new posts.

(checks back over both shoulders) S'alright... the coast is clear... but we'll have to be quick, as she's never gone for long..............

It's someone very special's birthday in a couple of weeks, and it's a very special one... almost everyone in Blogland knows her.. she's the most prolific commenter I know! As well as being a really lovely lady, and a very talented card artist....

Listen closely... I'll just whisper her name very quietly, as I know I'll be in big trouble for this... it's..


There.. did you get that? Yes.. she of just about every DT going.

Now, her birthday is on 7th November. If anyone would like to make her a card but doesn't know her address, then tough.. I won't give it to you! Ha! lol.. BUT I will send on your cards if you get them to me before 4th November, so I will have time to package them all up and get them in the post to her in time to 'surprise' her for her birthday!(Yeh, right... like the nosy aul' besum won't know what's going on... never misses a trick...)

If you'd like my address (and I can confirm that you are a genuine crafty blogger and not an axe murderer), then please email me via my blog profile, and I'll send you MY address, not Kath's. (Not fair to do that without her permission.)

EDIT: Wouldn't it be lovely if she got 60 cards (or more) for her birthday? (Great idea, Ruth!) For every card sent to me for Kath's birthday by 4th November, I will put names in a hat for a small pressie. Don't know what yet, and it won't be much, but I'll think of something.



  1. heehee :) You're so funny....and SWEET! She's going to love this!

    Love your P.S.!!


  2. Hehehehehe!! Lets see if you can get 60 cards!!

  3. You are so naughty....I may have to slap your legs...but I can't be angry with are one of my fav crafty buddies and one very sweet lady.

  4. Yaaay! Well Done you for yelling it from the rooftops - Kath will love getting all those fabby cards!! I have her address so will send mine direct!!

    Have a great weekend


  5. oh shucks, she read the post!never mind it is a wonderful idea and think the 60 mark will be well exceeded

  6. Thanks for the reminder Chris, one card will be coming by airmail :)

  7. hehehe you are fab Chris. You just knew she was gonna come and see it though eh?

    Shame we can't all chip in and get her Sir Tim Holtz for the day as a pressie hehehe


  8. Yeah, Joz.. She's never far away! lol ;o)

    Chris xx

  9. Chris I was howling with laughter when I read this! What a lovely thing to suggest...will e-mail you later! Hugs Em.x

  10. Although you are a very naughty girl...I have a little something for you on my if you can swing it for me to have His Lordship Tim...the one and only Crafting God just for one day....i will love you forever and ever.

  11. I would love to do this. I will try to get one in the mail to you on Monday. I hope I kept yours. Duh Me!!!

  12. Just checked and do have it!

  13. In fits of laughter about the banter on this between your blog and Kath's. Funny girls!

  14. I would love to join in if you don't mind Chris. Can you whizz your addy over..I promise I am not an axe murderer although I do have a lovely collection of pick axes...mwwwwhahahahahaha ( that was a wicked witchy type laugh believe it or not!) oh and Im joking about the pick axe collection...they are samuri

  15. Hi Chris

    I had Kaths address from sending her some cards for the breast care unit her friend went too. I have sent a card today so hopefully it will get there on time.

    Hope your absence from your blog is down to nothing other than being busy at work xxx


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