Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Kath's cards..

... are beginning to arrive now, but PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you use the correct postage! I had one today that didn't. I won't embarass the person, but let me just say that a jiffy bag the size you used is more than just a 1st class stamp!! I wouldn't mind.. I mean, what's £1.06 surcharge between friends, but the biggest problem is that it's a 40 minute round trip to the sorting office, but even worse than that, is that my favourite local stash emporium is right next door, and well, you just HAVE to, don't you? So £1.06 becomes £35!!! And it's all your fault. (sigh)



  1. Glad you liked the Card & Letter!

    I've just sent you a little email, prior to reading your message lol!..........I'm hoping it was your email lol!

    Hugs Suze x

  2. Was it me? I weighed and think I even put extra postage because I didn't have the right stamp amount.

  3. Hi, Suzy.. Got your email, thanks.. as you know by now! lol ;o)

    Shirley, don't worry.. it wasn't you! It was someone posting within the UK.

    I don't know who it was, and whoever it was, they haven't confessed.

    Never mind. It's all for a very, very good cause. :o)



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