Sunday, 19 October 2008

Autumn Award

Isn't this glorious? Aren't you just loving the colours in the trees right now? And on the ground where golden flakes have fallen?

I am! It's stunning. I love this annual display, and the chill in the air. Not a summer girl, me. Autumn and Spring, and winter when there's snow... Do you remember that white fluffy stuff that used to fall out of the sky?

Anyway, my lovely friend, Kath (yes the one with the birthday coming up!!) awarded this to me, and as usual, I am supposed to pass it on, so I will choose people I know have been having a tough time lately, in the hope it might bring a moment's smile.

I therefore award it to...
And if anyone else has been having a particularly tough time, please feel free to snag it for your blog, with my blessings for a lovely autumn.


  1. Ooh thanks so much for thinking of me Chris. You're such a warm kind lady :o)


  2. Well done on the award, I love reading your blog Chris, you have a lovely style of writing. I miss 'fall' here in Florida, sometimes feel tempted to get in the car and head up to the Carolinas to see some colour. There is something about those crisp autumn mornings.....

  3. Thanks so much babe its beautiful.Hope you are well. Hugs Em.x


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