Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Anonymous comments...

... are no longer accepted on this blog.

As it is, I use comment moderation, so no comments reach my blog unless I allow them to. Please be aware that I will report any abuse.

With apologies to the vast majority of visitors here, who are friendly, well-mannered and..... sane! For the most part, anyway.... !! ;o)


  1. That's a shame!!
    Sorry I have not been around for a while! :)
    Hope you are well... just catchin up now :)

  2. Who in thier right mind could be nasty to you?
    But, there are obviously some nutters out there. Thank you for allowing me to be a friend, and I, as are lots of other genuine lovely people around you will always listen if needed ;)

  3. Oh Chris what a shame. Theres always one who is happy to ruin things. Hope you are ok babe and will catch up with you soon. Big hugs Em.x


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