Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Mr & Mrs Hiss...

This simple card was made for my Funky Hand design team-mate, Enfys (you should check out her blog.. she's sooooo talented!!). She lives in Florida, and was recently plagued with a family of black racer snakes (non-venomous, but nerve-wracking all the same, if you feel about snakes the way I do about spiders!! Yuck!). She managed to get rid of them by using a product available in them there parts called 'Snake Away'. The unfolding story on her blog was hilarious, so thought the departure of the snakes warranted a card.. which she has now received, so I am safe to post the pic!! :o)

I used a flamingo stamp to create the background, a Cuttlekids snake double die-cut and the 'Miss You' sentiment is from the 'Now That's Funky' CD from - you guessed it! - Funky Hand. And, of course, the ever-present doodling and inked edges! If my new flourish stamps had arrived on time, it probably would have had some of them, too!! Everything else is getting the flourish treatment! lol ;o)

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