Thursday, 5 June 2008

Can't believe it!!

Votes on my Trimcraft project are running at 32% at the moment! Woohoo! One of the other projects that I love is coming up fast on the rails, though!! The race is on! (I think she should win, though.. her project is lovely!!)

To check out the five finalists, go HERE.

And to have your vote, register on the Trimcraft site by clicking on the banner. (Highly recommended.. it's a very active, fast-growing yet still warm and chilled out forum. Err.. warm AND chilled out? Now, that's quite an achievement! lol) ;o)


  1. As far as I'm concerned it's one horse race and you're going to be first past the post - beautiful creation.

  2. I voted - for you!!!!!! Very good lucks with it and I think yours is the best anyway!!

  3. Hi, it's me again. It's a shame that here you can't answer directly to a comment (or can you? I'm new), like you can do at places like
    Thank you so much for your kind comments! I'm going to show the last one to Jon - he needs it, because for someone as wonderful as him he has too little self-confidence...


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