Sunday, 1 June 2008


Thank you to all those who entered the draw for my blog candy, and especially to those who linked to me from their blogs, even when not asked to. Bless you!

Thank you also for the giggle! Some hilarious comments... You know who you are!! lol ;o)

Right.. OK.. I suppose you'd like to know who's won then? hehe

Well, I decided to use the Random Generator website to produce a random sequence from the number of entries, having first given a numerical label to everyone who entered (stripping out duplicated messages, and my responses to some of them).

The Random Generator came up with the following number at the top: 11

And the numerical label that corresponds with No. 11 is ............. (drumroll please) ..........


Congratulations! I'll leave a message on your blog.


  1. Wow, thanks. I didn't expect that Heather, will email you at once!

    Cazzy xx

  2. Well done Cazzy - you lucky lady

  3. Knickers, I didn't win.......!!

    Congrats to Cazzy though - lucky you!

  4. Congratualtions Cazzy :o)

    And lol at Tip Top!! hehehe


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