Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St George's Day!

The world is made up of two kinds of people.. English people, and those who wish they were English people! hehe ;o)

So to my fellow English people - and to those who can only hope - I wish you a lovely day!

Chris xx


  1. Happy St George's Day to you too!

    Mother had her St George's Flag flying
    today ... If she was a stick of Rock she would have 'Made in Germany' stamped through the middle ... then again so would I and probably you too as we were born in the same Hospital lol!
    So your above sentiment is quite apt!

    Suze x

  2. Happy St George's Day to you too Chris. Isn't it a shame it's not recognised more!!!
    Lesley x

  3. Happy St. Georges Day to you too, glad to read your good news on previous post, I hope you enjoy it, I am sure you will
    Jose x

  4. Thanks, ladies! :o)

    Suzanne, you're right, but I would argue that I am English through and through... It's true that I was indeed born in Germany, but on a little piece of England.. RAF Hospital, Wegberg, where I spent all of about five days and my birth was registered at a British Consulate, and in fact conceived in England! *lol* (Yes, I know.. too much information! ;o) Aaaand all my ancestors were English, going back as far as we can trace.. several centuries, at least. Anyway, so I am definitely English through and through! :o)

    Not that I am particularly proud of our country at the moment, but it's a fact that it's mine and I am.. well.. "its"!! (How's that for.. umm.. "interesting" grammar?!! *lol*)

    Chris xx


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