Thursday, 7 January 2010

Warning: Political Post..

Just a quickie.. got a raging cold, and just escaped from my bed for a few moments, and came across a useful site I wanted to share.

Have been debating with myself over whether or not to post this, but - what the heck - it's my blog and this is something I feel strongly about.

The chances are that the conservatives will be voted into power in the general election, and I find that as scary a prospect as labour getting back in! (rolling eyes in horror at the thought of either party getting in)

One of the issues that worries me is that David Cameron has said he will allow another vote on the law against hunting with dogs. If you feel as strongly as I do that this law should NOT be repealed (should be strengthened, in my opinion, to make it effective!)... Take a peek at this site and join their petition (takes just a few seconds to register, and you don't have to do any more than that)...
WARNING: There is an image on the home page that some people may find disturbing, but you won't see it if you don't scroll down the page.

Let's stop being the silent majority and make our voices heard!

Many thanks.

Note: Not sure about the copyright on the fox image I've used which is from this site, so if you own this image and would like me to remove it, please email me, and I will remove it immediately.


  1. Hi Chris

    Sory to hear you have the lurg, hope you soon feel better.

    It is indeed a very emotive one. When I was younger I rode to the hounds, I grew up with it and didn't know any different.

    Now I find the whole thing abhorrent. Problem is if the Tory's get in (which I fervently hope they do not)foxhunting will almost certainy get the thumbs up again, goes with the territory and culture of the majority of the party.

    Afraid my days of campaigning are over, I was heavily involved in politics from a young age, brought up with it, was a County Councillor for many years and my hubby was a PPC.

    I do however hope the campaign you refer to is able have some positive effect on the future of the sport.

    B x

  2. Hi, Brenda.. Thank you for the supportive comment, my friend. :o) I have edited the post now to indicate that it is only a petition. People don't have to get any more involved in that if they don't want to. I've signed up, and I'm posting it on my blog and Facebook, but that's all. I don't plan on putting myself in front of any horses' hooves or anything drastic like that! lol ;o) That WOULD be far too brave for me!

    Chris xx

  3. Here, here darling.... couldn't agree with you more. For people who are supposed to have high intelligence rates their actions certainly do not portray this.

    Many people refer to foxes as vermin & this just goes to show their ignorance of the whole matter. If they were to actually take time & do their research, they would infact find that they are NOT vermin but infact a breed of animal.

    My current home is built on old waste land & we have many foxes who have been pushed out of their homeland... we don't think about this when buying new homes but we are infact a major impact on wild animals... so in order to compensate as much as possible for removing their homes & hunting ground I feed the foxes every night.

    The other problem we are causing is in breeding in these animals & I currently have 2 foxes who only have 3 legs. Very sad to see & yet it is obvious to look at that this is caused by a genetic defect & not injury.

    Well that's my rant by with for now so off to sign the petition...

    Good on you girl, standing up for your beliefs.

    Extra big hugs for you today :-)


  4. My dog is not going to hunt....and yes its your blog and you can do what you want.Good luck!!!
    bye bye,lean

  5. Only to happy to sigh this petition and have done so. hunting with dogs is barbaric. Also emailed to my son who has a regular visiting fox with her now almost grown cubs.

    Sue x

  6. Hey Chris, hope you are feeling better soon. I don't really know much about the issues but well done for standing up for what you feel strongly about - it is your blog so you go girl :) Kimx

  7. Oh bless me - I've just remembered what I wanted to say in my comment - I'm totally with you on the two political parties! I can't work out which one is worse!

  8. I'm still in my sick bed too but will sign this - thanks for bringing it to our attention.
    Lesley x

  9. Oh Chris if only the rest of the country thought like you, I think they are forgetting what we lived through when the conservatives ran the country and yes I do think they are MUCH worse than the labour party.

    Vicki x

  10. Hi, Vicki.. Thank you for your comment. :o) Just for clarification on where I stand.. I am a UKIP girl. I think the two main parties are every bit as bad as each other, and this country is in dire straits if either party wins. Sadly, I think one of them will.

    I just hope enough people take an interest in the General Election, and actually use their vote effectively.

    Chris xx


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