Sunday, 31 January 2010

More Recycled Christmas cards!!

Stop yawning in the ranks!! lol ~ Yes, I know, I know.. Surely I must have enough Christmas cards done by now, but you'll just have to get over it, because there are plenty more to come! Hehe!! ;o)

This one is recycling the negative piece of Bazzill cardstock left after punching some fern shapes. I thought they looked vaguely like Christmas trees, so decided to recycle it as a crimbo card! Uses some Paper Pizazz paper by HOTP in the background, and some other piece of something or other with lines on top. Doodled the holly leaves and the edges. Kaleidopunch snowflake and Basic Grey button.
Ahhh, bless!! This one and the next are from the same 'previously used' card. The 'peace' word is a silver metal word embellishment by Making Memories, I think. It has been in my stash for yonks, sans packaging, so I'm guessing. What do you think of super-imposing it over the script underneath? I'm not sure whether it works or not. Decidedly undecided on that one.

Wasn't sure where I was going with this when I started, but quite happy with the outcome. You like?


  1. Hi Chris, I really admire you for making Christmas cards in January, it would kill me to do it, lol - although it is probably the way to do it....I always say I am going to make at least one per month so it is not such a hard slog at the end of the year, but so far have not done it. These are lovely and I am all for recycling or doing things on the cheap when it comes to crafting otherwise you may as well go to Covent Garden or somewhere similar and pay the earth for things....that's part of the joy of making it yourself isn't it?

    Carol x

  2. So many lovely cards you made.....soon in your shop??????
    bye bye,lean.


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