Sunday, 31 January 2010


SHAMEFULLY, I haven't shown you these before.. They are the handcrafted cards I received from some bloggy buds, and before they get recycled to within an inch of their lives, thought I had better take some pictures for posterity...

This (above) is from Lesley at Paperlicious Delicious.. One of my favouritest people in the whole wide world. Trust her to do something really wacky and different, eh? lol ;o) But I LOVE it!!

This one (above) is from Dutch beauty Lean, from Scrapsels from Lean in Holland. Even with Google Translate (which seems to struggle with Dutch!), I don't understand very much at all of what Lean says, but she seems to understand me, thank goodness, so between her Double Dutch and my loving her work (and her stunning border collie, Misty), we rub along!! lol ;o)

This beaut is from Jules at Always With A Heart. Every card that Jules makes has a heart on it somewhere. Can you spot it on this card? Another lovely and talented lady.

This one (above) is by local friend, Brenda (Floral Fantasies), who is a regular demonstrator at my local stash emporium, Sir Stampalot, and we have met 'in the flesh'. Lovely lady again, and makes cards to die for that her blog just simply does not do justice. They sparkle like jewells in real life. Soooo pretty!
My Gilbert has come back to visit me again! This is from Allison (Allison's Crafty Moments), my talented DT buddy from when I was on the Funky Hand team. Great bunch of gals! Loving the glitter Allison gave his fur trim! (For new visitors who don't know Gilbert, he's my first digistamp.. Gilbert the Ghost. Available free to anyone who asks for a copy.)

Thank you again, ladies, for your beautiful cards. God bless you. :o)


  1. Wauw lots of great cards youve don´t have to google me now....or????
    bye bye,Lean.

  2. Blimey haven't you made enough cards for next christmas yet lol!
    Lesley x


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