Sunday, 27 December 2009

Only One Wedding Stationery CD Left!

Hope you've all had a BRILLIANT Christmas, that Santa came and you are now all mince pied out! ;o) New Year next. Ready with the resolutions list? Mine is a work in progress.

Aaaaaanyway ~ back to reality ~ as regulars will recall, my employers, the Papworth Trust, set staff a challenge a few months ago to take £10 and use it for some kind of fundraising endeavour and multiply it. I decided to use it to cover my costs to produce 10 of my wedding stationery CD-roms, so that all the proceeds from every sale would go to the charity, which provides services to support equality, independence and choice for people with disabilities.

The target was to sell all 10 CDs by 31st December, which is when the challenge ends. Thanks to Linda (Lindyloo), I have now sold nine! Of course you will still be able to buy CDs from me on Ebay and 10% will go to Papworth Trust, BUT there is only one more to go that will give 100% of the proceeds to the charity, and that's only until New Year's Eve.

So.. if, unlike me, you have any money left after Christmas, and would like to purchase a CD-Rom (£9.99), please do get in touch with me by email, and I'll send you details of payment options. (And don't worry.. you can pay Papworth directly! lol.. It won't disappear into the 'Craftling Secret Stash Fund', I promise! ;o)

Meanwhile, huge thanks again to everyone who has either purchased a CD-Rom or helped by placing a post or a link on their blogs to promote the challenge. You are absolute stars!! Mwaaaa!!

Chris xx


  1. Ooo I think I know Lindyloo - she's lovely!
    Well done Chris - nearly there.
    Happy new year.
    Lesley x

  2. That's great Chris, only one to go.

    Have a lovely New Year's Eve and best wishes for everything good in 2010.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Thanks for sharing your blog Chris! Have a healthy, happy new year!
    Chris in BC Canada


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