Saturday, 27 June 2009

Flying High..

I am a HEEUUGGEE UB40 fan, particularly Ali Campbell, of course, and treasure my memory of when our eyes locked for a brief moment when we passed on the stairs at the Fighting Cocks in Birmingham one New Year's Eve back in the 80s, at a Solid Vibes gig... when we were both young and pretty!

The new Ali Campbell CD, Flying High, is due out on Monday, but my daughter pre-ordered it for my birthday and it arrived this morning.. Yayyy!! Love the album. There are some fantastic tracks on there.

I have been trying to figure out how to embed You Tube videos on here, so you could get a flavour of the CD, but it's beyond me! I'm afraid you'll have to click on THIS link if you want some big Ali love..


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  1. Hi Chris, can't help you with Utube issues I'm afraifd, but wanted to say lovely work on your blog.

    B x


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