Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Auntie's card...

On Sunday, Karen and I drove with my mum and the dawg over to Burton-On-Trent (Branston, to be precise), to take my Aunt out for lunch, and we went to a pub in the village.. The Gate... and had a fab Sunday lunch. Really good, but far too MUCH!! Phew! Talk about stuffed!

Any road up, this is the quick and simple card I made for her in a bit of a rush while Karen was out for her run on Saturday. (Checkout the post below for info about that.)

Pretty straight forward, so I won't insult your intelligence by listing the items, except to mention that I treated myself to a new font for making my own greetings (like this one). The font is called 'Cezanne'. I have always loved this style, so it was worth it. £13 from ITC Fonts. You can try it HERE.


  1. Quick it may have been, but it certainly doesn't look that simple! And it's absolutely fabulous, as always.
    Olga x

  2. It is gorgeous Chris! As is your daughter, BTW :)


  3. Beautiful card Chris - very elegant and fresh.
    Nice work!

  4. Gorgeous card Chris - love the paper and the whole design is so different..

    hope you are well


  5. This is gorgeous, I love the font (gonna check it out).

    HOw do you do the wrapping around the card?

    Absolutely loved what you wrote on my blog, it did make me chuckle.

    Flattery always works lol!!


  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments, ladies! :o)

    Leanne, have answered your question on your blog, but for anyone else who may be interested, I poke holes just behind the spine and thread the cord through. If it's something less 'stiff' than cord, I will sometimes use a needle-threader, by poking it through the hole from the backside, then inserting the tail of the fibre/thread/cord/ribbon into the eye of the needle-threader and simply pull it through. (I also use that technique for adding beads onto thread.)

    To help stop the thread from sliding out of position, I will sometimes cut tiny notches on the side to secure it, and/or use drops of glue underneath it on the inside.

    Hope that helps.

    Chris xx


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