Saturday, 27 June 2009

Flying High..

I am a HEEUUGGEE UB40 fan, particularly Ali Campbell, of course, and treasure my memory of when our eyes locked for a brief moment when we passed on the stairs at the Fighting Cocks in Birmingham one New Year's Eve back in the 80s, at a Solid Vibes gig... when we were both young and pretty!

The new Ali Campbell CD, Flying High, is due out on Monday, but my daughter pre-ordered it for my birthday and it arrived this morning.. Yayyy!! Love the album. There are some fantastic tracks on there.

I have been trying to figure out how to embed You Tube videos on here, so you could get a flavour of the CD, but it's beyond me! I'm afraid you'll have to click on THIS link if you want some big Ali love..


Birthday Thanks

Hi, all..

Just wanted to thank Allison, Lythan and Ruth for my lovely handcrafted birthday cards! They were totally unexpected, as I've been such an awful blogger in recent months, I don't feel I deserve it!

Thank you so much, ladies. I was really touched. :o)

(Will post some pics next time I get the camera out.)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Auntie's card...

On Sunday, Karen and I drove with my mum and the dawg over to Burton-On-Trent (Branston, to be precise), to take my Aunt out for lunch, and we went to a pub in the village.. The Gate... and had a fab Sunday lunch. Really good, but far too MUCH!! Phew! Talk about stuffed!

Any road up, this is the quick and simple card I made for her in a bit of a rush while Karen was out for her run on Saturday. (Checkout the post below for info about that.)

Pretty straight forward, so I won't insult your intelligence by listing the items, except to mention that I treated myself to a new font for making my own greetings (like this one). The font is called 'Cezanne'. I have always loved this style, so it was worth it. £13 from ITC Fonts. You can try it HERE.

Girl On The Run...

My daughter, Karen, visited me at the weekend, but I was forewarned that she would need to go for a run. And run she did! She is in training for running a 10k race on 12th July. Her charity is the Cambodia Trust. She was inspired to do something when she saw for herself recently the horrors of life out there. For more information, you can visit the Cambodia Trust website HERE.

If you feel moved to sponsor her, follow THIS link, but please don't feel any obligation. I'm just blogging about it because I am proud of her, for both her compassion and her achievement. :o)

Karen in my living room, about to go for her run
... a mere 5k today.

Nice website design guru

A colleague at work has started a business offering smart, simple and inexpensive websites for individuals and start-up businesses. At £125, they're excellent value, and George is a really nice man.. an old-fashioned gentleman, with the greatest Geordie accent! Wa-ay, man!

If you are considering getting a website, you should check him out.. HERE.