Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Still here...

Yep.. still here.. lurking in the shadows.. still missing everyone and your beautiful creations... still hoping to 'be back soon'. Famous last words. (sigh)

Nope.. no cards this time. Have only managed to make one card since Christmas! Waaaaahhhh!! Still, I'm not complaining. I have a job I enjoy and that pays the bills, unlike so many people these days. I have suffered redundancy in the past, and it's no picnic, so my heart goes out to everyone in that position now.

On my hols this week, and trying to get the house straight. I can't relax and get crafting if the house is a tip. And it is.

Any road up, I hope you lot out there are OK and trolling along nicely. Not that any of you are trolls. Erm.. you know what I mean! lol ;o)

Happy Spring!