Sunday, 7 September 2008

Inchies & Twinchies

Inchies, and twinchies, and thrinchies and moos
All of them crafty, and so many to choose,
Scrapping and stamping, distressing and such
RAKs and blog candies to keep us in touch,
Trading cards for artists to swap,
Sketches and challenges for our weekly hop.
How would we cope without our card craft?
We’ve papers to stroke, and some think us daft,
But with others to share our sweet obsession,
We spend and we spend to increase our possession
Of stamps and ribbons, brads and gems,
Pencils, paints and lots of pens.
When will it end? Hopefully, never..
But one things for sure, we’ll have friends forever!
To all my bloggy pals,
from Chris xx


  1. Hi Chris. Did you compose that yourself, if so I'm impressed, have far too much time on your hands. I think you got a job just in time.

    Very true tho...

    Love Debbie xx

  2. Chris is ther no end to your talents - this is brilliant - we should all put it on our blogs - can we, can we!!!!


  3. Brill!
    Made me smile after a bit of a rubbish weekend. thanks

  4. Lol!! Thanks, hunnies! Yes, Dawn.. You may put that on your blog, © Christine Fraser 2008, with a link to my blog if you can manage it!


    Chris xx

  5. Love it!! :)

    Have a great week!

  6. Oh that's brill!! :) I will put it too if I can! You're amazing! :)

  7. So cute, so special, and oh how true!!! Hahahahaha!


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