Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Anti-Word Verification Crusade Button..

Oh, lookee-lookee what I've found!! Hehe!! Actually, it's with thanks to Allison at Stampin' When I Can, who led me to Julie's post HERE, which is brilliant.. a lot more succinct and direct than mine. And look what she has invited us to take to wear on our blogs with pride...


  1. I'm with you on this!
    Oh, and thank you for your comment, I just wanted to say that it wasn't me who took the photos, unfortunately...

  2. That is brilliant Chris but how do I put it on my blog? Tried a few things but no show so far.

  3. Cazzy, you right click on the image, go to 'save picture as..', the save the picture to your computer as a jpeg file. Then you add it to the sidebar of your blog as a Page Element.

    Chris xx

  4. hehehe think I will have to add that

  5. I took my verification off specially for you Chris.. feel free to nip over and check it out!

    love Jo x

  6. Hey Chris! Thanks so much for helping spread the news about the dreaded word verification! Cheers!!


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