Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I must be very wylde...

The 'Wylde Woman' Award... This one is getting about a bit, isn't it? lol ;o) This time, I have been honoured with it from my Trimcraft forum buddy, Leanne.

It is always a delight that someone would think you worthy of blessing with some recognition, and I am grateful every time. So, thank you, Leanne, you little starlet! :o)

I am supposed to pass it on, but as this is the fourth time I have received it, I will just invite all the lovely people who visit my blog. You all deserve this stunning award, so if you haven't been dubbed with it yet, and would like to adorn your blogs with it, please feel free to upload it, and with it come my good wishes for a blessed August!


  1. Congratulations on this, you obviously deserve it. So well done on getting it again Su x

  2. thank you for letting me know, I'm happy that you received it so soon. greetings sam

  3. Hehe.. too many colours you think? I was going to pass the award to you too, but when I had alreadt typed your name , I realised that you just said that you had it already for 4 times... so didn't want to bug you with it.. bit you were in my mind! Thanks for always finding the time to look and comment. It means a lot! ;)


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