Sunday, 17 August 2008

Is this a new idea?

Don't you get excited when you think of a new tip or technique all by yourself? Of course, this "new idea" I've dreamt up is probably something you've all been doing for years, and I just never knew!! lol..

Oh.. you want to know what it is, I suppose...?? Well, for ages now, I have been wanting an edge distresser for my papers.. like the Heidi Swapp one, or Tim Holtz's wheel... but it occurred to me I could use a pair of scissors. I tried it, and it works a treat!

Just slightly open the blades and drag your paper through them a couple of times. Perfect distressed edges! (Perfect oxymoron!! lol) ;o)

Now, be kind and tell me how clever and brilliant and original I am... Don't tell me this is old news!! ;o)


  1. You are definitely original mate but a little tip don't use Fiskars scissors, they are so sharp that the first time I tried this I sliced not only the paper but also my finger.

  2. Well it's news to me - and I think it's a terrific idea! I'll be trying it. lol! :) Txs

  3. OMG thats amazing...what a great tip!

    (is that what I was supposed to say? Already do this but won't tell anyone if you don't! Thanks for yesterday.x)

  4. Wow....that's soooo Another little tip I was given is to use a wee gadget made by X Cut that's actually for cutting thread.It's round with little tiny blades notched around it,but perfectly safe.

    Cass xxx

  5. Hehhehe!! Its news to me!! I never knew!

  6. Great!! You're all so well-trained! lol.. ;o)

    Kath, I know you're nearly ready for your bus-pass, dear, but are you trying to tell us you're no longer safe around sharp objects? hehe! Just kidding! ;o) Still it could make for some interesting decorative effects, don't you think?

    Chris xx

  7. I just got back from the patenting office and registered your idea

    for you of course ;-)

    You are so clever, brilliant and original... see Im well trained too... hehehe

    I'm such a basic card maker that I havent done this yet... but I will


  8. scissors at the ready- here we go!

  9. Wow! This works. And I'd never heard of this technique before. Thank you Chris =)

  10. Just to humour you my dear, I'll pretend that I haven't been using my scissors for this very purpose for-errrm-ever...
    Finger-nails & metal rulers can also be used when your scissors are hiding ;)

  11. Of coarse your the very 1st person to ever use this technique Caroline, I sometimes wonder where theses wonderful ideas keep coming from ROFL...

    Sadly though and I am being very humbly sorry here {grovel grovel} I have used the scissors for this for ooooo quite while LOL I also use a good old emery stick too, gives a different edge again !!

    love ya lol


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