Friday, 15 August 2008

I Have A Secret!!!

And I'm not allowed to tell you!! Hah!! Don'tcha hate it when people do that? hehe.. I'm so wicked! ;o)

I am very excited, though, and can't WAIT to tell you what's happening! All I will say is that it involves joining a new DT.. well, no the DT is not new.. I am.. or will be... a week on Wednesday, which should just about co-incide with my next blog candy, I hope! :o)

The rather bull-ish estimate of 200 visitors a day has dropped a bit during the week, so the ten days blog candy ETA was a tad optimistic, I'm afraid. But still... it's not far to go.

Blog Candy Guessing Game

Here is one of the letters in the name of the crafty company I am going to be DT'ing for........



I'll post another letter every day leading up to DT Day, and if you can put them all together in the right order and send them to me by email (so there'll be no cribbing), you will automatically get three bonus entries in the blog candy draw. (But if you post your answer or make a guess beforehand and put it in the comments, you will be punished severely!! Bwahahahaha!!!)


  1. Playing along already

    Debbie xx

  2. I'm on the case - got my thinking cap on

  3. Ohhhhh I love guessing games.. though I am extremely bad at them... having never got one right on line yet :[ but I have discounted one company,, which has no letter A in it...

    ^^^^ that doesnt count as a punishment I hope!!!

  4. Ooooh, very exciting stuff! Congratulations hunny xx

  5. Stop being so flipping cruel! E-mail me now and tell me! LOL!
    So excited for you babe.x

  6. Oh wow!! That's great! well done!! :) Now I just have to work out what it is!! Oh, I want to know NOW!! lol

  7. LOL this is going to be fun!!! ;) I'm really good at word games over here... so who knows?!?

  8. Oooh I hate secrets!! Well done though!
    Just looked at my blog counter and EEEK!! I will have to get blog candy organised soon too!!

  9. Im really enjoying your blog but I have to ask what is DTing/DTday?
    Its probably something really simple so sorry if its silly question time.

  10. Hi, Tab.. :o) You're quite right to pick me up on it.. It's very lazy English, is what it is! lol..

    'DT' is an abbreviation for Design Team. If I were speaking proper, I should have said 'designing for', rather than 'DTing for', and 'DT Day' just refers to the day when the person I will be 'designing for' will be making it official by announcing it on her blog.

    When something significant is going to happen in someone's life, people will sometimes use the expression, "When's D Day?" Well, in my case, it's DT Day! ;o)

    Chris xx

  11. Oh.. and there are never any silly questions... except those that don't get asked.


  12. Thank you for the explanation Im rather new to blogging and Im just loving it.
    That and 'mixing' with people who are 'deigners' and have such good ideas I can try

  13. Hiya tis only meeee...
    Not a clue what I'm doing here, but I'm guessing that because I have emailed you and got it right {Nah nah nah nah to anyone that got it wrong} {{opps just kidding really}} Oh as I was saying, I am guessing that I just comment on here to take part in this blog candy and say please Christine {grovel grovel} can you put me in 3 times to enter for your blog candy PLEASE :))


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