Sunday, 31 August 2008

10K Blog Candy! *** DRAW NOW CLOSED ***

Ok.. Here comes the long promised Blog Candy, to celebrate 10,000 + visitors to my blog since I started it four months ago. To all my visitors, thank you so much for taking the time to visit, and to all of you who leave your lovely comments... you are truly appreciated, even if I don’t get around to visiting you right back. If I haven’t been yet, I surely will at some point! :o)

This is not going to be your average draw, and will require some effort on your part (nothing toooo taxing.. just some reading and thinking), so I hope you will bear with me! :o)
For a full candy listing, see the next post, but this one gives you the rules of the draw, and is the one you should respond to.
Sorry about the length of the post, but I hope reading this will be worthwhile... :o)

This may be controversial, but I am going to use the opportunity to talk up my campaign against word verification on blog comments. You may call the blog candy offer an unashamed bribe if you will!! Lol.. But anyone with a blog can enter. It’s not a condition that you have to switch off your word verification. The only condition is that you give it some thought, and then if you decide to keep it, please tell me (politely!) why it is important to you. That will earn you ONE entry in the draw.

On the other hand, if you have already turned off word verification, or you do so as a result of my calling attention to it, and you tell me so (with a link to your blog, so I can visit you), you will get an additional entry.

If you also post about my blog candy in your blog, with a link back to me, AND you cut & paste my arguments below in your blog post (or post a sentence or two in your own words expressing your agreement), you will get FIVE entries. (Again, please give me a link to your blog post.)

Finally, if you are one of the winners of my Blog Candy Guessing Game (listed in the next but one post below), you will get an additional three entries.
I'm afraid this draw is only open to bloggers, for obvious reasons.
The draw will be at 7.00pm on 15th September.

OK.. I hope the rules are clear. If you’re not sure, please feel free to email me via my profile, and the best of British to you! :o)



Everyone will have their own view, but in my case, I regard the removal of word verification as a basic courtesy to my visitors who are kind enough to take the time to leave comments. Being aware of their comments through comment moderation, but not hindering them with word verification is the very least I can do to reciprocate their courtesy to me.

The problem with word verification is that it takes too long. The characters are very often hard to decipher, and it’s frustrating when you get them wrong and have to re-enter the little suckers!

So this campaign is on behalf of busy bloggers. Please spare a thought for the poor bloggers who work so hard at getting round as many blogs as possible to leave sprinkles of blessing and good vibes wherever they go. The terrible proliferation of this awful plague of word verification is a blight on their efforts to make the Land of Blog a cheerier place.

I think most people don't realise that they have word verification on their blogs by default, or how easy it is to switch it off, and perhaps not realising how annoying it is for other bloggers. Either that, or they’re under the misapprehension that they will be bombarded with spam messages. This is not the case. I’ve had mine switched off now for three of the four months that I’ve been blogging, and have had two spam comments. The responses I’ve had from other bloggers to my earlier posts on this topic back this up. (You can see the comments in response to my previous post on this subject, HERE.)

For safety’s sake, have comment moderation on for sure, but please consider canceling word verification on your blog. Maybe for a trial period, and see how you get on.

Unless there are thousands of comments being left, comment moderation shouldn’t be too much of an issue for the blog owner, and other bloggers will also be more inclined to leave comments if they can see that you don’t use word verification.

However, each to their own, and if you disagree with me, that’s cool. We can agree to differ and not visit each other’s blogs! lol ;o)
OK.. rant over. If you have read all the way to the end, thank you for putting up with it, and ~ obviously ~ do what you wish on your blogs, but I had to say something. I love to get around and leave comments, but word verification spoils the experience.
Of course, when I get my new job, all this will be academic to me, as I will then have a life, and I won't have time for much blog-hopping!! Not that blog-hoppers need to get a life.. Errr... think I'll stop digging now, before I get into REAL trouble!! lol ;o)

Peace. :o)
EDIT: Interesting link HERE, provided by sharp-eyed Sammi (thank you, hun!).. Seems that 'Captcha' (the technique for identifying whether input is human or computer) is of little value, if any, anyway, as spammers have software that can break it. In which case, comment moderation is your only defence. Completely backs up my case.


  1. Well, I love your blog and I agree about the word verification, but I don't have a blog of my own. Does that mean I can not enter your contest? Just wondering. : )
    -Katherine M.

  2. Hi, Katherine.. I'm awfully sorry, especially as I know you often visit me to leave comments (which are greatly appreciated), but I have no way of contacting you, as you are blogless, and there is no means of reaching you by email on your profile, so I'm afraid I have no option but to say I'm afraid not. Really sorry.

    Why don't you start your own blog? It couldn't be simpler. Drop me a line with your email address, and we'll talk.

    Chris xx

  3. Okay, I decided to start a blog.
    : )I've been thinking about it for some time and this was the push to get it done I needed! Thanks so much!

    I've posted your info on my blog and here is the link...

    Thanks for letting me know that my email didn't show up in the profile, too. I didn't realize that. Got it all fixed and now it's up and running!
    Thanks Christine!
    Katherine M.

  4. Hi Chris

    I'll come back to your blog scrummy candy tomorrow but just wanted to say a massive good luck for your interview later today... xxx

  5. You are too cute! I have been wanting to blog about this and just didn't know how to open the conversation. I think it has been like going back to typing class in the dark dark ages. LOLOL I am become fairly good at it. LOLOL

  6. Hi Chris,
    Wow what a load of candy! It's fantastic!
    I have put a link on my blog. I turned off word verification after your first rant! And I have put a few words about it in my post!
    I will leave it up to you how many entries I get as it's too late for maths at this time of the morning and I have to get to bed as I have to be awake for the postie tomorrow (today) parcels from QVC coming!
    Anyway you can check my post out Here
    Best wishes

  7. Hi sweetie-pie!!! I fixed the pic of the fashioista card.. better llok now! :) Don't know why they get that small sometimes! well hopefully this week I'll have my camera, and that would be easier :)
    I'l like to join in your candy.. as I am now vord-verification free with your suggesting it.. how many entries that will be??? hehe

    Chat to you soon hun.. good luck for the new job!
    Late on I will go and tell of your candy on my blog ;)

  8. Wow, fantastic blog candy!!

    I have always not had word verification on my comments due to reading your argument ages ago when I was starting my blog - can't see the point of it myself!

    Have pasted your argument about it on my blog (under my blog candy). Lets hope more people turn it off!!

    Take care

  9. Congratulations on 10,000 hits! wow, and after just 4 months too!

    What a fantastic blog candy this is :) Well, I have no word verification. I have to be honest and say I turned it off before I read your arguments against it as it drives me pretty potty having to type it on various blogs where I regularly leave comments.

    I estimate I leave at least 10 comments a day (often more!)and with aprox 1 extra minute per comment, that's 10 mins a day or more than a hour a week just on word verification!! Yikes! So I am with you all the way :)

    Good luck to everyone for the draw!

  10. I'm soooo glad it's not just me who goes Grrrrr when they see verification is switched on ~ I never have & never will have it on my blog!
    I don't have time to try & decipher some illegible letters only to be told I got it wrong anyway...
    Scrum looking blog candy too!
    I'll post up on my blog just as soon as I actually can!
    Hugs x x x

  11. I turned mine off after your campaign but I didn't even realise I had it until Kath mentioned it will copy your arguement and get a post om my blog about it and your candy
    good luck today for the interview

  12. Great Candy! I never knew that mine was on, cause it was switched off 4 me (the owner) How eva it is turnned off now!! Here is my post ~
    Lauren xx

  13. right that's it done link to blogHERE and I want that candy so i am waving my big knickers frantically

  14. Hi Chris

    I'm with you on this one. As you know I already turned mine off, and in addition I've posted your blog candy 'word verification' message on my blog. as per your instrucitions. So I guess I get maximum entries, HA!!!

    Love Debbie xx

  15. Good work Chris!! lol!!

    I hope my post is not too long!!

    Hope today went/ goes well!


    Oh - I think I 've done it all now!! :)

  16. I had no idea that word verification could be turned off but it is on my blog now. I find it really hard work in that I cant always recognise the letters and being slightly dyslexic get them in the wrong order.
    Congratulations on the 10K!!

  17. Ooops I forgot the link to my blog lol

  18. Hiyaaaaa!
    Fab Candy by the way - this is so wierd - last night I was going mental with the amount of word verification on the go especially on blogs from another country and I even considered E-mailing you to have a rant!!!! LOL So how wierd is this - must have picked up on my vibes last night!!
    So you know how I feel about it anyway and I think I need another post on my blog about it again too!
    Will do the necessary as soon as poss!! Have lost count on entries applicable so leaving it all up to you!!!!


    Fingers crossed about the job

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. Totally agree with you and have never had word verification on. I hate it with a vengenence! Have had my say on my blog with links etc etc so guess that’s 5 entries for the scrummy candy too! Thanks for being so generous.
    I also have candy on offer if you’d like to join in :)

  21. Fab candy....put a link on my blog and am with you on this one well and truly......Word Verification - proverbial pain in the ass.

  22. Hi Chrissy I have just seen this offer of blog candy and my eyes popped out in excitement.
    I have turned off the word verification and left a link to your blog. I think that is all the criteria for 5 entries?
    I agree it can be quite hard to read them and I am only in my thirties.

  23. Hi Chris and thank you for drawing my attention to this issue!

    I have changed my Settings and have now cancelled word Verification and enabled Comment Moderation!

    I agree with you that it can be very frustrating and time consuming to have to go through the verification process!

    I'm Here!

    and have place a link to your Wonderful Blog Candy and also this issue!

    Many thanks again for drawing my attention to this!
    Suze x

  24. The Links in place!
    Hopefully everyone will see this issue and change their Settings!
    Suze x

  25. here is my post about your candy!

    I've switched off word verification on my blog as a result of your campagin:)

    thank you!

  26. Hi Christine,
    Very persuasive argument about the w-v. I've turned mine off as a result AND linked to your blog.


  27. Well I agree anyway as you know....but I told 'em again Here So pleased about your job :D

  28. Hi Chris,

    I have posted on my blog about your blog candy here
    , and I agree with you about the word verification, I have never had it as I decided it was a pain :)

    I have been visiting your blog for a couple of weeks now just haven't had the time to comment you lol

    take care and good luck with the new job :)

  29. Fantastic blog candy. I thought I had word verification off but after reading your post I double checked and it was on. So I have now turned it off. As it really frustrates me at times when you can't make out the letters. I have posted on my blog about your campaign and of course your fab candy. Michele x

  30. ok.....i am tired but think I have managed to do everything.
    I hate word verification, I don't have it on my blog, haven't in a long while and I have linked you and your argument on my blog.
    I agree, it puts me off leaving comments.
    good luck with this.
    Tina xx

  31. Hi Chris

    You converted me!

    As a newbie to blogging I was not really aware that it was there until started to leave messages. Therefore I am happy to post your campaign on my blog (even though I dont have many viewers yet!) and I have linked you to my blog already.

    My link to my blog is

    Hope to speak to you soon.


    Sam x

  32. I loved what you wrote as it has bugged me to so I made sure I posted a link to you on my giveaway blog!Will peruse your blog more when my computer works better and will be subscribing to you if I am already not!

  33. I just have to say... THANK YOU! Thank you for posting this. I HATE word verification... especially when coupled with moderating comments. MANY times I want to leave comments but IF they have the word verification MOST of the time I don't even bother trying... too time consuming when most of the blogs I visit have it on there.
    If you want to moderate then fine... I post comments for the blog owner NOT just to see my name attached to a comment instantly... so moderate, but PLEASE take off the verification!!! I KNOW you will get more comments... Cuz I would leave more!!!

  34. Well said!! I'm with you 110%. It drives me up the wall and I didnt realise that you could actually disable the annoying thing until my friend Kath showed me how to turn it off. Since then (about 3 months ago now) I've had lots of lovely comments but not spam - hope I haven't tempted fate there!!! Fabulous candy - you are sooo generous. I'll leave a link on my blog shortly xxxxx

  35. Hi Chris fab candy and great idea too I hate the word verification so if we can chance some people blogs that would be great I don't have it on mine. I have put a link on my blog for you would love to going into your draw for the chance to win that wonderful candy thanks

  36. Hi Christine, I just turned off my word verification. I got here through Kath's blog. You are absolutely right. I don't like it much either. And if I do get a lot a spam from now on I'll sent it your way:) Good luck with your campaign.
    Lovely Blog candy by the way.


  37. Word verification ...bain (sp?) of my life! I mean, there's me trying to post a comment,, boss walks in, I mess it up and have to start all over. Not actually sure if I have it on my blog or not, but will deffo turn it off if I have. I dont think I have moderation either, but dont get that many comments so not a problem. Will be posting a link in my blog as soon as I have balanced petty cash!! Some lucky person is going to be in sweet candy heaven!!
    Oh and as for bloggers getting a life..this is now a way of life for me. I love to be involved in what everyone is doing and creating, and although I may not leave comments at every blog, to say I am in awe of how you ladies (and gents) spend your lives so creatively is an understatement! I have laughed, cried, smiled, whooped for joy, got angry and sad along with the rest of you. Blogs are such a big part of my life now, in fact I would class them as my social life...oh no..Im

  38. Like Leanne I read your argument against word verification about the time I set up my blog and so removed it from my blog. Have written in my blog about your campaign and why I hate word verification. Also put a pic of the blog candy and list of what you are offering. Thanks.

  39. Hehehehe!! I turned off my word thing last time when you pointed out how irritating it was.

    So now I win??!!!

    Fab candy by the way!!

  40. Hi- just wanted to thank you for the education- As a brand new blogger this is all greek to me! I do believe I have gone in and turned off the verification and put on comment modification. Hope I did it right! I have so many questions about blogging and love it when stampers post these issues so I can learn. I am listing my blog site here but sorry, I have not learned to link yet!
    Your work is beautiful! Congrats on your wonderful website and the huge amount of hits! debb

  41. Have switched off my verification and as you say it is a nightmare trying to enter a comment. Thanks
    Oh and count me in on the blog candy!!!!

  42. Hi Chris...totally agree with ya! Here is my post about it from awhile ago (plus you should get the fun graphic from my sidebar for anti-word verification)!

    P.S. You don't need to enter me into the candy draw...I got a messy office that can't stand one more item!

  43. I didn't know some people might find word verification annoying, so I've switched it off. I'll see within a couple of weeks if I get problems with this. I've also posted on my blog: link . Thanks for a chance to win such great candy! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  44. Hi Chris, I totally agree with this and to my shame discovered I had it turned on!! It isn't visible to blog owners unless you go into settings and I just had not realised so have now turned it off and added a post to my blog about it.

  45. Ok ok I was reading Kath's blog and saw her plea aswell so I have done as asked and changed my WV. I just thought it was the done thing!!!

    I will mention your discussion and blog candy and it should be interesting to see what transpires :)

    My blog is Vanilla Hev'n and please stop by and say hi :)

  46. Here is mt post!!!!
    After reading someone's post on verification I went into setting on my blog and it was ON! I have always hated it and had it turned off in old blogger but when I switched to new blogger it must have been checked automatically cuz I found it on!!!!!!

  47. I've turned it off on my 'grown up blog' but left it on on my other two blogs, because-
    1) I know that these two, jokey blogs, are read by children
    2) Originally I had it turned off on them and was actually left pornographic spam- I can't risk that!!
    3) I prefer not to have the moderation thing on because I can't always get online to check and release comments!

    I've turned it off my personal blog because I now take part in crafty challenges and know that it is a pain when you're visiting lots of blogs to look at people's entries!

    I had meant to do this and kept forgetting- thanks for reminding me!

  48. Christine, this is my first time to your blog and I must say It is definitely an eye opener.
    I absolutely love the blog candy you are offering...along with how many other ladies out there?
    A far as word verification I agree with you. I have put a link about your blog candy on my blog and I also gave my viewpoint on the same message. I try to leave a message every time I visit a blog even if it short. My son set up my blog so I really didn't know if I had word verification on my blog or not. As soon as I read your blog I phoned him and asked him to check for me and told him if it was there to remove it immediately. I hope your message gets out all over blog land.

  49. I discovered your blog today and i really love your work. You make so beautiful cards, i wish i have your talent! Thanks for sharing with us.
    This "crusade" against the word verification is something i totally agree with, as it is so frustrating to have to repeat this process for each post many times before it works... which sometime make me just close the window, totally anoyed by this process which never works and finally do not protect against spammers who have many tricks to go over it.
    Succes for your new job, i wish it very pleasant for you and that it brights your days :)

  50. Hi babe. Yes I know I'm a crap friend at the moment but well done you on sneaking our pet hate into your candy. Blackmail like this could still win you the PM's job!! LOL!
    I'll go and add you to my list and I'll also highlight my original argument about this. Will catch up with you soon. Take care Em.x

  51. Hi I have removed the word verification from my blog as a result of reading this I have to be honest I didnt know how to do it so had a look see and have managed have put a link to your blog candy on my blog here.

  52. Hi Christine

    Firstly i wanted to say what a great name we share lol.

    I actaully turned of my word verification a few weeks ago which was partly due to my own frustrations when leaving comments on other blogs especially when i got it wrong, so i guess that means i agree with you, anyway i have posted a link to you on my blog and really hope you come and visit me sometime here

    Congratulations on your hits thats an amazing acheivement in 4 months and i have all fingers and toes crossed


  53. I do not like the word verification and only moderate my comments. As a test I tried having clicking on the disability button to see what letters it said were too was that is enough of an arguement for me!
    Wonderful blog candy!

  54. I did not realize what a pain WV was until I started 2S4Y - now I know after responding to over 150 posts in a week how important it is to turn off WV..ciao I am off to do that right now :)

  55. Chris - I took the WV off my blog tonight, but I must admit that it was Kath who first encouraged me to. I am a new blogger and didn't know that the setting was there. I was having all my comments emailed to me anyway, so the moderation option appeals to me just fine. Great blog candy, BTW! Congrats on getting to 10,000 hits!

  56. You are so right. I turned off my word verification after reading this and switched to comment moderation instead.

    Thanks for the chance to win. Stop by my blog to win some, too!

  57. I didn't know you could turn this off. Thank you for informing me. I'm a new blogger but I just turned off this option and will post about the pain WV is. Please visit at Thanks so much.

  58. Hi Chris
    Let me first say I have visited your blog several times before and love it. I hadn't realised that word verification was such a pain. I think I have removed it from my blog, please tell me otherwise if you find this not the case. I have cut and paste your debate on it. My link is

  59. As you know I too am against word verification. I haven't had it on my blog for a while now.

    Blog owners can simply turn on owner approval... this will also allow them to see any and all new comments that are posted to their blogs!! (Which is what I needed! I didn't even KNOW I was receiving comments until I checked one random day. Now I know every time!)

    I linked to your blog candy here!

  60. Thank you for the chance to win some awsome candy! I totally agree with you regarding word verification. I turned mine off a while ago. I've linked to you on my blog...and I've pasted the text into the post.

    Sue x

  61. OK Chris, I've read what you've written, I've taken the plunge and started a blog (been dithering about it a long time) and from the word go it has no WV :)! Here's my blog

    When I've worked out how to post a link to you and the WV campaign I'll do it!


  62. Hello again Chris, I've written about WV and linked to your Blog Candy 10k on my brand-new Blog:

    10 thousand visitors - wow! I'd love you to come and visit my Blog, I'm sitting all alone at present :)


  63. Holy Macaroni! 10k visitors in 4 months!!! geesh! I can only hope to be so lucky. :( well the blog candy is great! and I added you to my blog candy section on my blog.. Woohoo.. (Fingers Crossed---hope I win!)

  64. Hi Chris, congratulations on the 10,000 visitors (in four months! that is impressive), and well done on the campaign. I couldn't agree with you more. Never used word verification, and not planning to do so, even if I get spam messages every day (I do get those on Gmail, and guess what, I'm still alive, wohoo! Spam hasn't killed me, nor has it hurt me in the slightest)
    Placed a link to your post in my blog, and said a few words about word verification, as well. Oh, and that anti-verification banner on the right, you should make it obligatory for all participants! XD
    Ahh, I know it's not very polite to say this, but I hope I win; those goodies are mouthwateringly good!
    Olga xx

  65. We are sooo new to the blogging world. I had no idea that was a setting you could turn on or off. So I went to our blog and I tried very hard to figure out if we have it or not. I couldn't find it. I know in the past I've tried to leave a comment and couldn't even see the letters in the word verification. I will attempt to link back to your great site and giveaway. Thanks.

  66. I turned of the word verification on my blog after I read about it on my SBS Dawn's page. My was on and I didn't even know. My blog is only a few weeks old so I'm still learnig nmy way around.

    Here's a link to my blog.

  67. I have 2 blogs. One I have had for over a year and have never moderated my comments or had word verification.

    The 2nd blog - I had word verification within a week of starting the blog. I really don't like word verification, it trips me up all the time. But I found that when I started my new blog I got spam comments right away which included links for people to click on. I deleted these but I am not able to check my blog from work and sometimes they would sit there all day until I could delete them in the evening. Some of those clickable links can be harmful to your computer if you click on them so for me - word verification actually may protect people who visit my blog.

    My other blog - I just don't have the same problems - so I don't use it.

    I just wanted to weigh in but please don't enter me in your drawing because your beautiful blog candy would be wasted on me. I wouldn't have a clue what to do with it! :) :) :)

  68. I agree with the word vertification idea. I have never had mine turned on, I dislike it when other people have it, so I figured I would spare my views the frustration too. I usually blog late at night (early morning, ie. 1 a.m.) and trying to read those jumbled letters often takes me two or three times to get it right. However, I guess it is a persons personal preference if they like it or not, I am just not one for it.

    I have linked you up, I have no vertification on and I've even added you to my blog list so I can check back on a regular basis.


  69. I completely agree with you. I find word verification frustrating and most of the time I don't bother leaving a comment as a result of it. I have been blogging for a year and to date have had 2 spam posts. And they weren't even nasty ones IYKWIM? I'd love to be in with a chance to win the blog candy and look forward to popping back soon. Take care.

  70. Hey there! I have given your campaign a lot of thoughts the last few days. I have never liked word verification and I have had it off on my blog all the time. But from dislikeing it to doing something about it has been a big step! Now I have posted a note about my thoughts when it comes to word verification systems in my blog. I have mentioned your campaign and blog candy, and I have put a link to your blog, and I have tried to put your words in my blog, but with my words :) Please go to my blog and read here:

    Have a nice week-end (what's left of it) :)

    Kristin :)

  71. I have posted a link to your blog on mine and mentioned the arguements against word verification and linked them to your blog to read those. I have turned mine off for a trial run and see what kind of spam I seem to get after that. Thank you,

  72. Love your blog. For the word verification...I understand why some have to have it. It keeps all the "bad" things out of our blogs! I really do not mind it. As long as I can read it. ;)

  73. Hi chris,

    wauw what a great candy. I would love to enter this one.
    I made a link on the right side of my blog and I already shutt of the wordverification, because I think it saves the girls a lot of time. Sometimes you even cant read the letters and have to do it again. Very frustrating.

    Have a nice Sunday
    xoxo karin

  74. Hi! After having red about your campaign a couple of days ago, I gave it a serious thought and turned off word verification. It was very useful for me to read about the theme in your blog, because I wasn't aware that I could turn it off. Now, I'm excited to see whether there will be spam or not coming my way.

    I have posted a link to your blog on mine and also cut and pasted all your arguments into the post.

    Thank you for letting me know that just too many find word verification frustrating!.... :)

  75. Word verification drives me potty. Like many I thought I should have it - infact I've just helped a friend set up a blog and advised her to install it. Oh woe is me! I will readvise!!

    I have thought about all you said carefully - removed it from my blog and told everybody what I've done and why. I've also copy and pasted your complete arguement on there as I could not have done it as well as you. I added the picture of the blog candy too to catch people's attention.

    Thank you for pointing out that it's not essential - I just hope that more and more people turn it off.

    I will actually be away at the time of the draw but I never win these things anyway so it probably won't matter.
    Thanks again - oh my this is a long comment - good job you haven't got word verification!!!

    Ann xxx

  76. Fab Candy Christine. I've linked to you on my blog.

    I have read your plight regarding knocking off word verification and I agree it is a total pain. I have just switched mine off and turned on comment moderation.

    Liza x

  77. OH DEAR!!! I am so EMBARRASSED!! After saying that I had never had it, for some reason my word verification was in fact on {blushes} I thought I had turned it off when I started the blog but apparently not lol. Have turned it off now though :)

    What a dill I am :P

  78. Hello! Just found your blog this morning and first off, Congratulations on the 10K, I've been on for months and have barely hit 4000 LOL.

    I read your post about the WV (and Kath's as well) and I completely agree, I have switched mine for comment moderation and posted about WV on my blog. Thanks for the kick in the butt ;)

    Here's my blog!

  79. Hi,I'm not sure if Canadians are allowed to enter your contest for your blog candy or not, but I agree with you on word verification and decided to post about it as well. I have 4 blogs and I didn't have word verification on any of them, or I didn't think so.But I checked and one had it, so I immediatley changed it to no WV! I blogged about your blog candy and your campaign here:

  80. Poo, don't know what happened to my last comment! I went to add my blog link and must have done something else... (Stupid dialup)
    Anyway, if you're accepting Canadians into your blog candy draw, I have blogged about your NO WORD VERIFICATION campaign. I totally support you in this!

    You can see it here:

  81. By the way, are we allowed to "steal" your Free the Blogs blinkie and put on our own blogs??

  82. Hi Chris - yes, I have now disabled word verification. I always wondered why some blogs had it and some didn't. Thanks to your direction I was able to work out how to disenable it. Thank you xx

    Love the candy, congrats on your well deserved hits, I visit often xx

    PS - should I expect to get lots of spam now?

  83. Hello!

    I totally agree about not using word verification - I actually think it`s a bother when I`ll write comments in someone`s blog...
    So, thank you for lighten up our brains!

    Hugs from Lena katrine

  84. What an awesome batch of blog candy!!!!

    I do not have word verification on my blog. I prefer to use comment moderation! I blogged about your cause though. Check it out here...

  85. LOL - just added my own whinge about this and then followed a link to your blog and found this post!

    I have a wordpress blog - comment moderation is enabled for the first posting by any particular IP address and once approved then that IP address can post a comment without being moderated. I get notification of all comments and also have a spam filtering system that 'learns' and picks out possible spam for you. Brilliant!

    I've posted about you on my blog and put in your excellent argument as well.

    Not sure how many entries that gives me but count me in for all of them!

    Here's my link

  86. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  87. Scossie Jane.. I wouldn't worry about getting lots of spam. I can't guarantee it, obviously, and if it happens and you get swamped, then obviously, put it back on, though according to the research I've done, that letetrs mechanism is not reliable protection anyway.

    I have only had two spam comments in four months, and ~ apart from one person I know of out of well over a hundred commenst to this and previous posts ~ other people have experienced similar.

    If you have comment moderation switched on, then just be alert, and be careful not to click on any suspicious links. Hit the Reject button for any comments you're not sure about. Any genuine person will understand if you inadvertently delete something that was for real.

    Thanks for commenting! :o)

    Chris xx

  88. Deanne.. Yes, please feel free to steal the Anti WV blinkie! :o)

    Thank you for asking.

    And thank you everyone for all your comments and support! I think it really is having some impact! :o)

    I hope to get round to visiting your blogs this week to return the compliment.

    Chris xx

  89. Its quite funny - I turned off the word verification after reading your blog and a few others...
    I figured my blog wouldnt be attractive to spammers anyhow and else there's a delete button :-)
    And now I see you even put candy out on it!
    Anyhow, you made at least 1 person turn off word verification :-)

  90. I totally agree with you! I have never used the word verification on my blog. I even double checked to make sure! LOL I linked your blog to mine and also posted your arguments against word verification. Here is a link to my blog:
    Thanks for your campaign and chances to win some great blog candy, too!

  91. Huge congrats on 10,000 hits, that's magnificent in only four months! :) I've made a post, put a link, copied the argument and added my own take. Good luck with yur campaign, hopefully you'll get through to bloggers everywhere :) My post about your candy and WV is here
    Susan :)

  92. Congrats on your hits and I am with ya.... I can't stand word verification! I've never had it and never will. {And I have never had a spam comment!}

  93. Wow, thanks for filling me in on this Christine!! I always thought that I didn't have word vertification on my blog, all this time that I've been annoyed with other peoples blogs I, too, have been annoying others...haha! It is now turned off (or at least I think)!! Thanks so much for dropping by!

  94. Chris, I find word verification very annoying and did not even know that I used it on my own blog...I have now turned it off and will keep it that way. I enjoyed reading your blog post about it! Thanks for the chance to win such a generous amount of blog candy!

  95. I guess I had it on I turned it off to see if there's anything different. Thanks for visiting my blog :) What a load of stuff you have for your blog candy!! WOW!!

  96. I totally agree with not having to use word verification. It's time consuming and that's important to me. I don't have it on my blog and never did :) Here's a link :) (and... btw... LOVE your work!)

  97. Hi, I have turned off word verification as a result of reading about it in here. Eve (ultramum) put me onto your blog post through her link to your blog candy. It is absolutely fantastic blog candy you are very generous.
    Am off to post a link on my blog now

  98. My verification thingy has been unceremoniously removed!!! Didn't realise how easy it was to do... I would have done it long ago if I'd realised. Trying to decipher those letters drives me dotty... so thanks for the prompt.
    You can see for yourself here

  99. I wrote aboute you in my blog..I also do not like wordverification and I dont have it in mu blog!

  100. I am so much inpired by your blog. I agree with you that word verification takes too long. Therefore I removed it from my blog after reading your entry. I also copied and patsted your text above.
    Thank you very much for your inspiration.

  101. I am so much inpired by your blog. I agree with you that word verification takes too long. Therefore I removed it from my blog after reading your entry. I also copied and patsted your text above.
    Thank you very much for your inspiration.

    best regards


  102. Hi Chris,

    thank you for letting me know.
    I did shut it off now. Hope I'm still on time in entering your candy.

    Have a great day,
    xoxox karin

  103. Hi Chris, I just found your blog from a link on Karin's blog and agree with everything you say about word verification, I took mine off ages ago as it drives me nuts when I find it on other blogs! I'm about to post a link to your post on my blog too, so big congrats on your 10K hits and thank you for offering such fabulous candy!
    annie x

  104. Hello:)
    Congratulations :D
    I agree with you about the word verification,
    Here is my link!


  105. Yeach I'm agree with you. It is good idea of WORD VERIFICATION
    I'm with YOU!
    have a nice day :)

  106. Oh my goodness so glad to find someone else who feels the same way I do.

    I posted a little bit on my blog about it:

    What an awesome bunch of goodies you are giving away.

    Keep up the fight for getting rid of word verification.

  107. Hi Christine,
    Reset my settings on my new blog sure you let folks know that every time they change a blog template the defaults turn back on, so you have to go in and reselect to turn the word verification off each time!
    Have a great day!

  108. Thought your latest post was very thought provoking have been to the site and it is very moving being there! Have changed my more blog candy so others will think about changing their word verifications on their post. Sorry hope this helps!

  109. Thought your latest post was very thought provoking have been to the site and it is very moving being there! Have changed my more blog candy so others will think about changing their word verifications on their post. Sorry hope this helps!

  110. I shared about your giveaway here:


  111. Hey all this time and I didn't think I had the word verification on.. thanks for letting me know.. this is my official entry then I guess.. Thanks :)

  112. I DID IT
    I DID IT
    I turned off my Word Verification!
    You convinced me-- Great job!

    Thanks and have a great day! :)

  113. I totally agree with you on the word verification thing.. so dumb!

  114. I have had mine shut off since the first time I commented on someone else's blog with it on there!

  115. Congrats on reaching 10K! Thats alot of visitors in 4 months! I'm sad that I can't answer since I don't write a blog, but I do admire all the blog writers, I love reading blogs and wish I was a more interesting person or had stuff to write about then I would start a blog :)

  116. I turned it off for both of my blogs. It will be interesting to see if there is any difference, but I don't imagine there will be. :)

  117. Hi

    Great candy yowzers

    I don't use word verification as I like to check all comments I receive so I can pop back and say thanks!!


  118. My verification is off! It is such a a pain to type those in, you're right!

  119. Okay... now that my arm has benn twisted... I'll turn it off and see what happens!

  120. cool I just started a blog of my own and have diabled the verification. I really hate that since most times I screw up the letters at least a few times. Now if I can just figure out how to track how many people visit my blog I might be set lol. That is the only thing i've not been able to do so far. I am going to post about your blog candy and my agreement with your on my blog at
    Thanks for a fun contest

  121. YAY! I love blog candy!
    I don't like word verification because it takes so long to send one comment and therefore I don't leave as many these days.
    I have turned mine off for this reason and have seen an increase in comments.
    I will link this on my blog ;)

  122. I already had my word verification off because I think its just plain annoying...and I blogged about it here:

  123. Hi Chris - I couldn't agree more! I wanna win your blog candy so I've posted oart of your argument, my own viewpoint and a link to this post!! Hopefully that'll earn me an entry or two. I could do with the dsst!!! ;-]

  124. I've just posted on my blog about your candy. I have to admit that I've swung backwards and forwards as bit on this one over the months, but have taken off verification because I tend to find it an inconvenience when I visit others, so they must do when they visit me.

  125. Sorry, meant to say that you can find my posting here:

  126. don't have a blog either but the contest was sent to friends and forwarded the site- congrats to you

  127. I am against word verification because I feel that it isn't fair to everyone and it causes unneeded frusteration.

  128. I have turned off word verification. You can check here:

  129. I just copied and pasted the arguement into my blog. Thanks for reminding me about that~~I hadn't read the entire paragraph, I was just so excited to have 2 entries!! LOL

  130. I couldn't agree with you more if I tried. I hate Word Verification!!!

    Here's my post

  131. Well, I'm not entirely sold on the anti-word verification stuff, but I am giving your suggestion of comment moderation a fair shake. And I posted on it. And although it's not entirely in favor of your position, I'm hoping that my post is enough to get me the 5 extra entries! Especially since I also put up a poll to see what my blog's readers think. I'll be interested in seeing the results of that are.

    You can see my post here.

  132. Wow -so many comments here. We all feel quite strongly about word verification. I turned mine off months ago and turned on the blog comment approval. I love seeing at a glance if I have new comments rather trawling my blog. So I save time there and save time again if I don;t have to type in those daft letters, usually twice because I couldn't read them properly first time.
    Great initiative for a blog candy draw -I hope many people follow suit. Just off to try and add your arguments to my blog. Just wish to say again CONGRATULATIONS on coming up with a fantabulous idea!
    SmmieJay x

  133. I thought I had done this already but I don't think I have, sorry if I,m here twice.

    I turned off word verification a while ago thanks to the suggestion of that wonderful lady Kath.
    It makes life in blogger land so much easier I have had to do
    some that I couldn't even read, what a pain.

  134. I bet I'm the last to enter... I thought I had ( its my brain on overload!!)

    Firstly I took verification off when you first put your post on line a while back, best thing I did for the readers of my profile...

    I will now go link your candy and turn verification off to my blog and I guessed your DT to Sassy Crafts correctly...

    All those chances... WOW

    Looking at the amount of people who have entered... you have a real busy time ahead of you going through the entry amounts... gulp!

    Gina x

  135. Hiya, I did all me bits and bobs to help your campaign along {although I have never had word verication anyways, cos I HATE it with a vengence lol} but I forgot to come here and enter my name!!!
    Airhead me....pure and simple {actually i'm not very pure either LOL}

  136. I'm sorry .. no I don't have word veryfication ... I didn't know how to stop it but some friend help me and now my blog is free from veryfication


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