Friday, 4 July 2008

Trophies for the Cabinet!

Have been blessed today with three awards.. Count them.. THREE! All from my blogging mate, Emma, who thinks I am a nutter. (Thank you, Emma! hehe) Go check her blog! Well worth the visit! :o)
Now, you're s'posed to select some other blogs to pass these awards on to, but I think these have pretty much done the rounds now, so the deal is that if you haven't had one yet, and you are feeling deprived, please feel free to snaffle one when I'm not looking. OK? G'wan.. I'm turning away... NOW!!!


  1. Well done on the awards, you certainly are well thoguht of. Love the new photo by the way.

    Take care

    Debbie xx

  2. Hi Heather from a fellow nutter (Rachel) Just found your blog through the awards Emma left us. Great slideshow, gorgeous cards :)


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