Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Ooh, Look what I got...

Lookee, lookee, lookee!! A CREDIT CARD!!! Woohoo!! Little does Emma know that a credit card in my hands is NOT a good idea!! lol ;o)
Bless her cotton socks for awarding it to me, though, for being her Blogging Friend. Forever, apparently! bwahahahaha!!! ;o)
There are rules attached to receiving this award, but I'm afraid I have always been a bit of a rebel, and never one to obey rules, so I am going to change them!!! (Hope that's OK, Emma!)
The NEW rules are as follows:
1. This award is hereby awarded to anyone visiting my blog, as you're all my Bloggy Friends, SUBJECT TO having word verification on your blog comments SWITCHED OFF!!! (My pet soapbox... Word Verification is the bane of every blog-hopper's life, and it serves no useful purpose!*)
2. Spend wisely. (Ha! I'm talking to crafters!)
3. Give it to whoever you wish.
4. Enjoy it! :o)
* Serious Note
Obviously, you will want to have comment moderation (which doesn't cause any hindrance to other people), but word verification is a HUGE pain and not necessary. I have had it switched off for three months and only had one spam message to delete, nothing else unsavoury at all, and other bloggers have reported spam volumes in single figures as well.
If you multiply the number of visitors by the amount of time it would take them to apply the word verification code (which very often has to be repeated as it’s so darned difficult to decipher the wretched letters), and compare that with the relatively short amount of time it takes a blog owner to rattle through a few comment notification emails and publish them, removal of the word verification code is a simple courtesy for my visitors who are kind enough to want to leave a comment.
To get a feel for how unpopular it is, if you missed my original anti-WV tirade, see the responses to my 'Life's Too Short for.." post HERE.

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  1. OMG I'm sat here howling...Heather thats brilliant...just wish I had thought of it first!!


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