Monday, 14 July 2008

Lazy blogger!

Me, that is!! Sorry, bloggy friends. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. I have only posted one (new) card in the past week!

AWARD... My bloggy friend and super-talented Funky Hand design team mate, Kath, has offered this award on her blog, and I liked it, so have whipped it for my Trophy Cabinet!! lol ;o) Cheeky, or what? hehe


  1. Hi Heather

    Sorry you're not feeling so well. I hope you feel better real soon.

    Love Debbie xx

  2. Awwwww babe the insanity of life can just take over sometimes! You can't get rid of us that quickly and we'll be here whenever you need us! Hugs Em.x

  3. That roast sounds delicious, I could just eat it! There is always that balance between blog-hopping and getting some projects dones - but sometimes its good to take a break. The hot flushes don't sound too much fun, I get them but they don't keep me awake at night, sounds horrible!

  4. glad things are looking up a bit for you but sorry about the flushes- pity it's not the winter time they would come in handy then for a cheap heat!You will cope though I am sure but take care and rest plenty

  5. Oh sorry that you haven't been feeling too great and it has been a bit quiet on the DT blog..and I mean that in the nicest possible way - hot flushes are no joke - I remember it well - getting up in the middle of the night soaking wet....glad you've got your baby back albeit a bit messy.
    You look after yourself hun and you know that we are all there for you anytime.
    Luv you

  6. Hiya friendling!!
    I love your posts they are so fun and witty to read.
    Well read about the car on Trimmy -scratches and oily prints - I would have gone mental if it was me!!! LOL It shouldn't have come back like that regardless of price!!
    Now hope you perk up soon and get your crafting mojo take care for now

    P.s Not looking forward to any bloomin' hot flushes!! Hope I've got years to go yet mmmm??

  7. Sorry to hear you are not feeling too good! Hope you feel a bit better soon!
    Glad you got your car back but surely the garage should repair the scratches they made!!!
    Your mum's roast dinner sounds wonderful! haven't had a proper roast for a while as the kids are always out and about! But I think we'll have one this week!
    Going to see my mum soon! Getting train tickets on Wednesday can't wait to spend some time with the family.
    You take care of yourself and hope you are back on top form soon
    Take care

  8. I thought you'd been a bit quiet of late. Here is a big squishy squashy hug for you (((HUG))) and I'm so sorry you're not feeling so good. I'll keep everything crossed that you're back on top form very soon. In the meantime just know that there's loads of us who love ya babe :o)


  9. Thanks for all your kind comments (and especially the squishy hugs, Joz! lol).. I am not that bad, really, but thank you for being concerned about me. :o)

    Heather xx

  10. Ahhh, welcome back to bloggy land!!!! I'm just catching up on all your posts since I last looked!!!!

  11. Hey honey, don't keep bad times to yourself, we're all here to share. Glad you've got your Mum & car back & what a lovely part of the country your mum comes from originally. Such beautiful picturesque villages. You've certainly been crafting hard to make up for lost time.
    Lorraine xxx


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