Thursday, 3 July 2008

Goodbye, Cruel World...

Well, I thought I'd get my speech prepared, as I think my computer is about to die. That's what it sounds like, anyway. :o(

It is making all kinds of peculiar whirring sounds this morning.. Sounds like a an F1 Grand Prix, with all the gear changes it sounds like it's making! So... if I disappear suddenly for days on end (possibly weeks!)... That'll be why. Computer blew up.

It did stop for a few minutes, but it has started again. Very annoying. The fan must be on its way out. Not surprised, all the blog-hopping I've been doing lately! (sigh)

So.. just in case... "I luuuuuuurrrrvvve you allllllllllll". Tata.



  1. Hehehehehehe!!!

    Technology eh??!!

  2. I did read this sometime today but Belle was jumping all over me and then kept asking why mummy was giggling!

  3. hehehe is it dead yet or are you still there?

  4. Ssshhhhhh!!! (whispering) All quiet on the Western front at the moment!

    H xx

  5. I hope you have backed up everything! I hate it when I haven't and the PC dies!


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