Saturday, 5 July 2008

The Good, the Bad & The Ugly...

EDIT 15.09.08: As most of this post was not craft-related, the contents have been moved to my personal blog. Which makes a nonsense of the title, but I'm too lazy to think up another one! ;o)

The Good #2

Blog Candy!! Received my parcel from Justine this morning, which contained some Fiskars goodies for me to play with! A Hearts border punch, a pack of texture plates and a texture tool, and a gorgeous Tilda card.. Lovely! :o)

I have the border punch already, so this one will be 'paid forward' in my next blog candy offering, but I have never used the texture plates before, so will look forward to having a go with them!

Thank you, Justine!! :o)


  1. Now didn't we tell you that life is never always as bad as it seems - but hey the Toyota garage needs a mega kick up the ass - it just shows how these big guys rip you off - who will you be using from now on...your little friendly garage man - an angel in disguise...doesn't this just restore your faith in human nature.
    Glad things are working out...big hugs

  2. Ok here goes.... confession time!!!


    there you go.... miss soppy knickers. ( thats sounds like I need tenalady but you know what I mean!! - I hope)

    I so agree with Kath about the big rip off garages... pah! thieving nuggets.

    When I read about your car I was :-( especially after you just paying out 20 tildas for new tyres! and then to read the rest, knowing how frustrating it is having to go the hospital for check ups etc... and having to rely on either public transport... when after the appointment all you want is your own bit of 'normality' and of course the impact on seeing your mum too... then to read about the chap in the garage... I just wanted to hug him...

    Hope you have a good weekend :-) and enjoy your blog candy


  3. OOhhh!! I have some texture plates too and they are FAB - but be warned, you feel like you have been using a pnumatic drill afterwards! Use them (with the little dinky tool) in short bursts!!

    Glad everything is getting sorted - I knew it would!! You deserve something good as I love getting comments on my blog from you - at least I know 1 person reads it!!

  4. yeha every cloud has a silver lining! Great news

  5. Ooooo bad luck with the car, or did I mean good luck finding someone to do it cheaper, not sure on that one. What a rip off by the Toyota dealer.

    I've been ripped off by Ford in the past. Had mine connected up to their diagnostic machine thingy for £72 only to be told they couldn't find anything wrong and they'd need a mechanic to have a look. Well £600 later they just about cleared me out. We had to eat beans on toast for the rest of the week, and you can imagine what that was like....phew!!!!

    Love Debbie xx

    PS You're too hard on yourself, the photo's not that bad.

  6. Well I think your new photo is lovely! I'm sure I recognise you from somewhere though. We used to be at RAF Wittering but thats the closest I can get to Peterborough!
    As for everything else...your emotions must have been all over the place. So glad everything has worked out for the best...well we can't have our new Prime Minister without wheels!! Hugs Em.x

  7. Oh Heather that's great news on the car front. Absolutely amazing just how much these dealerships rip you off if you don't shop about. As for not having to pay up front in one go well, what a precious man this is & not many of them around any more.

    Glad your day turned out well.

    Lorraine xxx

  8. Hi Heather,
    What a drama! Thank goodness it was a happy ending! I don't drive but I know my mum would be lost without her car as she has to travel every week to see my nan and it would take her hours on public transport!
    Thank you very much for leaving me my first comments. I've just seen them!
    Take care


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