Sunday, 27 July 2008

Bee-ing Happy..

.. Is what I was yesterday! :o)

Although I was shattered from lack of sleep thanks to the sultry summer night air, I was up and raring to go for my pick-up at 10.30. My 'date' was my new bloggy friend, Debbie, who contacted me after seeing my '50' card on the Inspirational blog, as we are both in the same town.

We have been emailing and leaving bloggy messages back and forth, and Debbie invited me to accompany her on a stash-hunting trip to 'Calico Crafts' and 'Capture The Magic', both located in one small industrial estate on the edge of Soham in Cambridgeshire.. quite a bit south from where we are. I had been to Calico Crafts some years ago, but back then, they were squeezed into a tiny little hut off a dirt track at the back of beyond. They have come on a bit since then!

I told Debbie I had no money to spend, but it was great to go and drool over the Aladdin's Caves that these shops both were. I lived vicariously through Debbie yesterday, and the day was a great success! We got along very well, and I'm sure we will be repeating the exercise sometime soon... although Debbie is a very busy lady! Wife and Mum of five (for goodness' sakes.. didn't they have a telly???), holding down two jobs, and doing a distance-learning diploma in garden design, as well as keeping up an extremely respectable blog and churning out some stunning far-from-five-minute cards, I have to say I am somewhat in awe of this mega woman!!

On top of everything else, she brought tears to my eyes by presenting me with a gorgeous little ATC she had made especially for me, having picked up on a couple of clues that I have a thing for bees!!! Hence 'Bee-ing Happy'! ;o)

Thank you again for my lovely ATC, Debbie (my photo doesn't do it justice, either), and a wonderful day out. I really enjoyed it! (And if anyone's curious about the gorgeous stash Debbie bought, go and visit her blog and take a tour of her lovely creations!)


  1. Thanks for the kind words Heather. I had a great time too. And believe me I'm no superwoman, just doing what anyone can do. There are people who work harder than me that's a fact. But thanks anyway.

    See ya later

    Love Debbie xx

  2. Oh its so cute...what a lovely gesture! So glad you both had a good time remember to take the credit card!! LOL!

  3. Awwww!

    And its good just to window shop at times rather than spending!!

  4. It's a great land is blogland - so many people to meet so many blogs to visit - makes it all worthwhile when you actually get to meet a new friend in the flesh!!



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