Wednesday, 2 July 2008

20 Tildas and counting...

My car is due for its MOT very soon, and I knew at least one of the tyres needed to be replaced, so took it in yesterday. Three new tyres later, my purse is lighter by around 20 Tildas and a Big Shot!!! (Crying now..) :o(

AND I need new wiper blades, too... In craft currency, that's another 3 Tildas and 4 Cuttlebug embossing folders. (sigh)

Goodness knows how many stamps equivalent that is. I don't even want to go there. (sniff)


  1. Hiya.

    I just love your sense of humour. I know what you mean though, what a waste having to buy car things when stamping is so much more important. It's a shame there's no law saying you have to buy craft supplies every week. Still I hope your car passes, mine is due soon too, and I know I need brake linings, I think they're quite important, or so hubby says anyway!!!

    See ya

    Debbie xxx

  2. LOL you made laugh so hard , like the way you think in how much you are missing out on your craft i would be crying if i had to spend that much in the car ,

    thanks for making me laugh

  3. LOL! LOL! You are SO funny Heather!!
    I know exactly what you mean though, I now think in crafty pounds too!! I think we need a separate craft currency!!
    Cars are such an expensive commodity it's one thing after another the longer you have it!!


  4. Oh more Tilda's, tut tut.

    Jules x
    (who won't mention that despite her craft stuff buying ban, she somehow managed to order another 5 magnolia stamps yesterday, just 'cos they were cheap *blush* )

  5. Ignore that comment, just realised you hadn't actually bought them. *double blush* Shame the car cost you so much, would it help you to know we have spent over £900 on our car this year???!!!

    Still, I confessed my stamp buying sins to you, so feel better now.

    Creeps off back to hide under that rock again...


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