Sunday, 25 May 2008

Crafting Day...

Well, the weather was blowin' up a storm here in Peterborough today, and my darned rosebush just would NOT sit still for the camera... shaking its booty in the breeze. I just hope the blooms are still on the branches come sunshine day! We're due some heavy rain tomorrow, so maybe my inspiration will have to wait.

NOT SO FAST, though... I have still had a productive and satisfying crafting day, and made three 'Hint of Pink' wedding invitation designs, which I am very pleased with. I will post pics of them tomorrow.

In addition, have been making a card for a friend, but can't post that (yet), as she reads this blog!! Hehe! It took three different versions though, before I was satisfied. The first two attempts were absolute pants!! Dreadful!! Looked nothing like my mental picture. Never mind.. Got there in the end with something completely different, and I can save the components of the other two cards to use again on something else. In a few days, when my friend has received the card, I will post a pic of it on here.

So.. that's it for today. Going to chill out for a little while before bed. Goodnight, blogsters. :o)

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