Monday, 19 May 2008

Blog Candy from my friend, Kath...

Ma wee Scottish pal and fellow Funky Hand designer, Kath, is offering some truly tempting blog candy - go HERE for details. And while you're there, check her amazing artistic card creations. This woman is very talented, and just the thing if you want inspiration.

Don't forget my own Blog Candy giveaway, still running.. details HERE.

AND my Stamping PIF, which will keep running until three people have requested to participate. Details HERE.

Good luck everybody!


  1. thank you for your over the top comments about my blog - you are too kind....and listen here Mrs flattery doesn't win you blog'll go in the draw like everybody else.

    love you

  2. Oyyy! 'Oo are you calling over the top? Over the hill more like! lol ;o) My comments are not at all exaggerated, and are totally sincere. Nobody listen to Mrs Modest here. Her blog speaks for itself. End of.


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