Saturday, 31 May 2008

Having fun...

... choosing my blog candy! Well.. 'fun' might be putting it a little too strongly, as I want to give away a pack of stash I would be pleased to receive, so I have included some of my very favourite Basic Grey papers/cardstock, some Dovecraft papers, some Paper Pizzazz... OODLES of embellishments, some rub-ons, some stamped images, some card blanks & envelopes, ribbons and rosebuds... brads and stamps... and giving away some of this stuff is hard!! lol ;o)

If you haven't entered the draw yet, it's not too late... It will be drawn tomorrow at 7.00pm. (If you are posting a comment under 'Anonymous', please make sure you include your email address so I can contact you if you win.)

The link to the post you will need to leave a comment on is at the top of the page. :o)

Got tissues?

Found this wonderful site, Postpals, on Becky Stewart's blog, and just had to blog about it. I'm sure some of you are certain to know about it already, but for those that don't, do go and take a look. It is bound to move you, but I warn you... have tissues at hand!

It will also give you somewhere to send all your wonderful card creations, and know that they are making an important difference in the life of a poorly child, if only to make them smile for a moment.


Friday, 30 May 2008

Friendship Blog Candy..

This is one of my Friendship designs for some Blog Candy at Sharon's blog... Thank you! :o)

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Quick update..

Spent yesterday stamping.. and stamping... and stamping!! lol ;o) This was for my Stamping PIF for the three ladies who took me up on it. Their packages are all ready for me to post this afternoon... after some Christmas inspiration on QVC! :o)

Also made a bracelet for a mate's birthday. Forgot to photograph it before wrapping, though, so you've had that, I'm afraid.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Yesterday's Wedding Invitations...

These were made for the Trimcraft 'Hint of Pink' challenge. The first three use the Cuttlebug hearts embossing folder, and a little bit of pink Bazzill. And of course they're really quick & simple because if you're making 100 invitations, they NEED to be!! lol ;o)

Crafting Day...

Well, the weather was blowin' up a storm here in Peterborough today, and my darned rosebush just would NOT sit still for the camera... shaking its booty in the breeze. I just hope the blooms are still on the branches come sunshine day! We're due some heavy rain tomorrow, so maybe my inspiration will have to wait.

NOT SO FAST, though... I have still had a productive and satisfying crafting day, and made three 'Hint of Pink' wedding invitation designs, which I am very pleased with. I will post pics of them tomorrow.

In addition, have been making a card for a friend, but can't post that (yet), as she reads this blog!! Hehe! It took three different versions though, before I was satisfied. The first two attempts were absolute pants!! Dreadful!! Looked nothing like my mental picture. Never mind.. Got there in the end with something completely different, and I can save the components of the other two cards to use again on something else. In a few days, when my friend has received the card, I will post a pic of it on here.

So.. that's it for today. Going to chill out for a little while before bed. Goodnight, blogsters. :o)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

For blog's sake...

Teehee!! Well, this IS for blog's sake... Just some chat for the sake of it! lol ;o)

I have been going through the Trimcraft forum's challenges, and the first (unofficial) one was 'A Hint of Pink'. "Right," I thought. "OK."

And I waited for inspiration, but Mojo didn't speak to me.

That was until I noticed how beautiful my rose bush is looking in the garden, and full of creamy-white blooms, with a hint of pink in the centre!! Bang!! Inspiration by the bucketload!! Just haven't had chance to take any pics yet... Either the bush was moving too much in the breeze, or the light wasn't good enough, and today it was raining!! Aaarrgghh!!!

Well, watch this space!! lol ;o)

Trimcraft... hmmmm. Not sure about the forum. Lots of lovely, lovely people, but you could spend all day on there, and I can't spend that much time. I don't like the navigation, either. It's a pain in the bum! There are other things I'm not keen on, as well, but - well - I can vote with my feet, I guess.

I think something is going to have to give, anyway, and I think it's the forums. Except, maybe, for the challenges. That's my favourite bit, and I'd like to start getting involved with some of the challenges I've found through blog-hopping.

OK.. I'm rambling now... Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll catch up with you at some point of it, I expect. :o)

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Cuttlebug embossed sheets & Tilda/Bella stamped images..

Hi.. This is my personal recommendation for a seller I found on Ebay... Diane Howarth.

She sells Cuttlebug embossed sheets of card (or vellum), 12 sheets for £1.20 + 75p P&P. You get to choose from her wide range of folders, and card colours and/or vellum.

I received mine this morning (with some freebies!). Her product, her prices, her communication and her delivery time were all excellent.

THIS is a link to her current Ebay listing for these sheets.

While you're there, check out her Magnolia Tilda and Bella stamped images, too.

NB: I am not receiving anything for making this recommendation, nor had I any contact with Diane prior to finding her on Ebay.

Thank You card for Blog Candy at 'Stamp Something'

Three 'Thank You' cards from my collection for the Blog Candy challenge at 'Stamp Something'...

Father's Day creations for Blog Candy at Lainy's...

My dad passed away 2½ years ago, so I won't be making anything for Father's Day this year. However, the scrap layout was made recently for demonstrating Funky Hand papers, and the card was made for a competition a couple of years ago, and features me at a week old, in my father's hand. I now wear that ring.

I am hoping these will be acceptable for Lainy's blog candy giveaway---->> HERE.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Circle of Friends

I have been tagged by Allison with this lovely Circle of Friends... thank you, dearie.. I must be the one in the middle!! lol

Now I have to choose four friends to pass it on to. If my sister had a blog, I would pass it on to her. If my daughter had a blog, she would get one, too. And my mum. And my Auntie Pauline in Burton-On-Trent. Sadly, Blogland has not yet achieved world domination, so I will have to look among my chosen family for my 'tagees'...

Starting with the Funky Hand crew... Anice, Carol, Samm and Tip Top! Now we have all been tagged! :o)

Trimcraft 'Summer Blooms' Challenge Entries

I have made two entries for the first challenge on the new Trimcraft forum, because I wasn't entirely happy with my first attempt, the tag book (scroll down for that).

The theme is summer florals, blooms, hot pink, etc. This card is OK, I think, so I am ready to submit my entries. It uses two versions of the beautiful sprig of blossoms image that was provided for inspiration. One is a large washed out version which I've used as the background.

The tag book uses a customised Funky Hand sentiment on the front from the Now That's Funky CD, and a sentiment backer on the middle page of the book which is from the Paper Blossom download on the Funky Hand web-site.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Blog Candy from my friend, Kath...

Ma wee Scottish pal and fellow Funky Hand designer, Kath, is offering some truly tempting blog candy - go HERE for details. And while you're there, check her amazing artistic card creations. This woman is very talented, and just the thing if you want inspiration.

Don't forget my own Blog Candy giveaway, still running.. details HERE.

AND my Stamping PIF, which will keep running until three people have requested to participate. Details HERE.

Good luck everybody!

Sunday, 18 May 2008


I am in a generous mood.. Must be the sunshine. I'll take some aspirin and go and lie down in a darkened room for half an hour and I'll feel better soon...

But in the meantime!!! I haven't sorted it out yet, but let's get the ball rolling anyway, and I promise a good selection of lovely stash...

Just leave a comment on THIS POST, and I will draw the winner's name on ~ let's see ~ 1st June, using the old-fashioned Raffle Ticket technique.

Two giveaways in one day... I think the horse pills are going to my head!! lol ;o)

Get commenting, and Best of British!!


Stamping PIF (Pay It Forward)...

This is great! The name of the game is 'Pay It Forward'. I played this with Kathy Hering on her blog, Jellychick's Adventures. Thanks again, Kathy, for the great Riley stamped images you sent me from across the pond! :o)

To play the game, all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me that you want to participate, and the first three people will receive pifs of a selection of images from my stamps on smooth white card, stamped in Staz-On, so you can colour them yourselves. (I have hundreds of stamps, and I promise to pick nice images for you! If you have a preference as to themes... floral, artsy, phrases, nautical, Christmas, etc, let me know.) Don't forget to email me your address to

Then you must post about this on your blog and send out another three pifs from yourself to three other people. Make sense? Ok... get commenting!!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Could do better...

Made with paper and greeting + backer from the Paper Blossoms download from Funky Hand, plus Bazzill cardstock and strewn with some punched daisies in dark brown Bazzill, with Prima flowers and some doodling. (The 'Babe' part of the greeting circle is Wordart using a Lisa Bearnson font, LB_Sheri.)

The graduation on the colour on the striped bit was achieved by accident.. I realised I was printing on the wrong paper, so quickly cancelled the printjob, but not quick enough to stop it printing this little strip, which had this interesting 'shabby chic' graduated look, so I decided to use it!

The poem was written for my daughter, Karen, to thank her for looking after me the weekend I came out of hospital. She's coming over for a visit tomorrow, so - although I think my mojo is still wandering the streets somewhere - I had to have a crack!Both poem and card are a bit naff if you ask me!! lol ;o)