Sunday, 20 April 2008

Scrap Layout..

My dad in his younger days, with a photo of his first car after he married my mum, and a spitfire, which inspired him to join the RAF. He was too young to have flown spits, and missed the war by a few years, as it was the fifties before he joined up.

The layout is an 8" x 8"... another sample using papers from the 'Funky Seasons' CD from - guess where? Funky Hand! lol ( The sentiment circles are from the 'Now That's Funky' CD. One of them has been used just for the lower half, so it's only showing 'The best' and the upper half is hidden behind dad's photo. I used Fontwerks stamps to echo the pattern from the circle dots paper.

Dad passed away 2½ years ago, but he was a handsome man in his youth, don't you think? :o) It is only looking back at old photos of my dad that you can see how he is the image of my brother, Steve... or should that be the other way around? ;o)
... And excepting that my brother is thinner, has brown eyes instead of blue, shaves his head and sports a goatee!! But other than that... lol ;o)

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  1. I really like this! The colours just work so well - must use some of the sentiment circles....!!


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