Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Now girls, you weren't crossing hard enough, were you? Some of you were uncrossing to make a sneaky card or two, eh? C'mon.. 'Fess up.

Didn't get the job. Never mind. There will be others and I didn't really want that smelly job anyway. God's in charge. It obviously wasn't right.

I'll let you know when I need you on finger-crossing duty again next time. Thank you for your good wishes and extremity-contortions this time, even if some of it from some people was a tad feeble, let's be honest.

Chris xx


  1. PUCKY!
    something good's gonna be right around the corner for you, love! xoxoxox still crossing over here!

  2. Ah well. it's their loss. hoping for success very soon.

    Debbie xx

  3. Hi Chris

    I promise I did try really, really hard to keep everything crossed (but I did have to nip to the loo once .. .. perhaps that was what put the mockers on it!! Sorry, but I really struggle to go with my legs crossed).

    Not to worry. This job obviously wasn't right for you.

    As I tell my lads - it means there is something better round the corner - this one just wasn't part of the master plan.

    Chin up chicken.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Oh dear! Sorry to hear this though it probably wasn't meant to be and I'm sure something much better will turn up soon.
    Sending hugs, Fliss xxx

  5. :( What a pain. But it was very good to get an interview and just chalk it down as practice for the job you really want. Hugs Kim

  6. Yep, just wasn't meant to be, but good interview practice for the much better job that's coming your way soon. :)xx

  7. Something definitely better round the corner Chris. Don't be down will you. Stay positive and I'm sure it won't be long before someone sees your talents and snaps you up.

    Do some crafting............what are you making at the moment.

    Lesley x

  8. Chin up Chris, it was not meant to be, but the right job is out there waiting for you I know it.

    B x


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