Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Petition - Robin Hood Tax on Banks

Yep, politics again, but I make no apology. If it is not of interest to you, then please skip this post, but if you are as outraged as I am by the way ordinary people are being punished for the banks' greed and failures instead of the banks themselves who should be paying for the damage they've caused, then please sign the petition on the links below.

And if you are AMERICAN, please lobby your government to do the same, as our news programmes are telling us that this needs to be a global solution, and the American administration is reluctant for some reason.

I am losing my job next month because the organisation I work for is funded by our local authority and can no longer afford to support us because central government is slashing budgets to pay for bailing out the banks. At 51, in the current climate with so many people unemployed, it's just as well I am a Christian and have faith, or I would have no hope.

It's time to stop punishing ordinary people for the banks' greed and failures.

Please get involved. This is the email I received from 38 Degrees (a campaigning body) about the petition.........

Today we've teamed up with organisations including Comic Relief, the TUC, Friends of the Earth and War on Want to campaign for a simple measure that could make a big difference. We're campaigning for a Robin Hood Bankers Tax, a global tax on high value transactions between banks.

This wouldn't affect high street customers, it's a tax on the sort of risky speculation that caused the banking crisis.

The financial crisis showed us that the global banking system doesn't work properly. Bankers chasing bonuses caused havoc around the world, costing taxpayers billions. We need to make sure this never happens again, and that bankers repay their debts to society.

By working together, we can push politicians to go beyond grand speeches and take real, lasting action.We know that right now UK politicians are desperate to persuade us to vote for them - let's make sure they realise that tackling the problems with banking would be a vote-winner.

Sign the petition to the leaders of the three major parties now:

The tax of just 0.05% will raise hundreds of billions of pounds to fund action against climate change, poverty and other big issues in Britain and around the world.

We know the banks will be speaking up against this idea - thousands of us speaking up in favour will help drown them out. Sign the petition now to leaders of the three biggest political parties, calling on them to support the tax, then please tell your friends.

Last year, by working together we persuaded the chancellor to introduce a windfall tax on bankers' bonuses. Now, we've got a chance to persuade all the parties to take longer-term action to reform banking and raise much-needed cash. Please support the Robin Hood Tax, sign the petition now:

Thanks, chaps. XOXOXO


  1. So sorry to hear about the loss your job Christine...
    I agree with your political comments and will sign the petition. The bankers have a lot to answer for and yet still they feel it is their right to recieve huge bonuses.. when the rest of us are paying for the mistakes they made, it is immoral!
    Good luck with the job search, positive thoughts sent your way.
    Sue B xx

  2. o dear no good news i read.So many people with no job.Ist the same ofer here wish you well and have lots of faith.
    bye bye,Lean.

  3. don't get me started on this Chris....I will go and sign the petition and so sorry you are losing your job through no fault of your own...big hugs kath xxxxx

  4. Hi Chris,
    Signed definitely! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
    God's got a plan - never fear!
    Lesley x

  5. Hi Chris, just catching up on my reading list as loads of DT work at the moment.
    Really sorry to hear about your job. I know so many people this has happened too in the last year including my brother in law in October. My poor hubby who has his own architectural practice with 2 partners has had to make half their staff redundant as the work has virtually dried up due to cuts in local authority funding.
    It really makes you sick thinking about those bankers bonuses with all this and loads of local shops going bust because they can't afford the increase in rent and bank interest by greedy banks and landlords.
    I'll be taking a look at the petition as something has to be done to stop all this although it's going to take years to put all the damage done right.
    Well, that's me done on the soap box for today!
    Fliss xxx

  6. Hi Chris

    So, so sorry. What can I say, you must be feeling so demoralised, but hey, keep your chin up, my MIL always said "one door closes and another one opens" and how many times her words have proved right.

    Banks, bad you don't say !! Preaching to the converted here, we have spent the last 18 years of our lives on the campaign (, but the more that jump on the bandwagon the better.

    B x


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