Friday, 23 October 2009

Christmas Kraft #1

I recently invested in some new stash from Elzybells. I only went there for ink.. ended up spending a small fortune!! lol ;o) Funny how that "it fell into my basket, m'lud" defence applies equally to on-line shopping, huh?

The reason I went to Elzybells for ink was because I follow Sarita's blog (one of my all-time favourite crafting heroines), and there was a discussion on there recently about finding an effective opaque white ink that works on cardstock. Clare responded with a recommendation to try Elzybells, and - OMG - this ink works like a charm. No having to to mess around with heat embossing (although I have found that the hybrid ink version benefits from a little warmth to set it on acetate). The pigment ink version is as opaque as you could ever wish on kraft or dark cardstock. I heartily recommend it.

Very pleased with my purchases, and also loving Elizabeth's (the brains behind Elzybells) blog.

... Aaanndd.. guess what? She runs a fortnightly challenge! This is new to me, but I know I'm way behind the times, as today's new challenge is number 30! Anyway, I've used my new stash to knock out a few Christmas cards this evening. (I don't have any kraft CS yet.. just ordered some today, BUT.. I used the packing Elizabeth uses in her parcels... which is pretty close to kraft paper, if you ask me! lol ;o) And don't I feel good for recycling? Hehe! ;o)

The theme was set by Elzybells DT member, Jeanne Streiff (also makes really lush cards), and is Glitter, Sparkle and Shine... WHAT were you thinking, Jeanne? THE three most difficult things to photograph, lol ;o) But I think I got away with it. Bling is the one thing that is easier to pick up when taking photos at night.

This is my first one, but not entering this one in the challenge...

Other than the main image, which is an old PSX stamp, the glitter, the gems and the main card blank, this is all Elzybells.. the kraft wrapping paper, the white leather effect card and the greeting stamp.

Very simple.. too simple, maybe?


  1. I like this one and yes it looks like kraft paper to me.
    bye bye,Lean

  2. It just gets better, this one has to be my favourite.

    B x

  3. OMW Chris, this is AMAZING! I always love simple striking cards, no card can ever be too simple in my book!
    Thank you so much for your kind comment, and I'm so glad you liked the Elzybell's ink.
    Love Sarita xx

  4. Chris, you make so many fabulous cards that I've run out of epithets completely! The only reason I don't write a two-page essay on every single one of your chef d'oeuvres is my poor vocabulary :)
    I just love you and your creations.
    Olga x


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